• Music that happened this year

    Dez 28 2007, 19h11 por arjesh

    Inspired by a question Z-soldier asked me, I have decided to list out the songs and albums that happened to me this year. These weren't necessarily released this year - they just entered my life properly this year.

    To help me get started, I am just going to list the track/albums. Then later I'll add specific comments to the entries. Mostly this is going to be an unsorted list.

    Track of the year:
    Where is home? (Burial Mix) - Bloc Party

    - I think I saw this track on Z-soldier's page. It is a good demonstration of Burial's brilliance. The Bloc Party original is frankly not at all exciting while this remix is sheer melancholic brilliance. Burial at his best! I also really liked the whole `Untrue' album, with the following being standout tracks:
    Archangel, Etched Headplate

    Other Tracks:

    1. Belize - Anja Schneider
    2. Outta Sight - Osborne
    1&2 both have a real summer vibe about them. Warm fun techno at its best. I checked them out after reading Philip Sherburne's this month in techno list.