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  • Avatar de alisonstarking
    Hey, OLdSKuul62 ,don't panic, you are not alone :)
  • Avatar de OLdSKuul62
    Wow ! Not many entries for as old as this is . Have to comment on the Portishead statement . Unless I have missed something , I believe DJ Shadow is the ORIGINATOR Of the Trip Hop Genre . I love Portishead too but Man , Portishead has NEVER EVER !!! Stirred the emotions within me like Lamb can . This band is Way higher up the pecking order - At least in my book - Because of that . Also, The wrong side of Trip hop ? WTF is the right side ? Or am I supposed to take your word for it , Just because you don't like it ? I Like what I like, NOT because it's popular or Indie or any other thing . I like it because I ( ME ) like it . Not because someone else thinks it's cool . And Satan will be using iceskates before ANYONE will convince me that I should not like a song , due to their ill preconceived ideas of what music I should be listening to ,Just because it's POPULAR . I would still love this music if Lamb had only 1 listener .
  • Avatar de Makaveli_Jr
    really fly
  • Avatar de strom-z
    "Starts pretty weak, but damn, those last 2 minutes or so are just awesome." (2) and - one of their best live tracks (check youtube!). I'm really sorry they didn;t include it in the new tour setlist
  • Avatar de rachelsass
    highly enjoyable
  • Avatar de cristomango
    Unglaubliche gut...Ich spinne....I'm dumbfounded...astounded...transcendent
  • Avatar de chlebek28
  • Avatar de sparklecrunch
    this is a gorgeous track. as my old dad used to say - opinions are like arseholes. everyone's got one :)
  • Avatar de luke_suspicious
    Whattahell. Portishead never sounded nothing like this, and it isn't the only true trip-hop band in the whole world. What a fucking flawed opinion you do have.
  • Avatar de erangi
    portishead wannabe's. the bad side of trip hop.

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