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Lacroix Despheres é uma banda japonesa de Symphonic Metal formada no ano de 2006.


翔 - Vocal, Composições e Arranjos. 紗夜 - Soprano 博明 - Guitarra Pegeot - Guitarra 聡美 - Violino Maine - Flauta 智美 - Oboé

No site oficial da banda,, encontra-se um curto perfil: "Duplos vocais, duplas guitarras, a banda, a orquestra, rock clássico, e linhas melódicas, Todos estes elementos para cruzar o além do paraíso, é possível, e espero que seja."

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  • @MiseryAndMalice: It's quite dead indeed... but that's also Last.FM's fault, for making changes which a huge part of the community didn't wish for in the first place. They did mention that when adding the funding from MotionGallery it added up to their initial goal (no streach-goals though :( ).
  • Saw a flyer for them at Hyper Japan and thought this is my kind of music.
  • The Torikago Shoujo single is really good. I love how whimsical the flute/oboe makes their sound!
  • is like dead so by the time any of us could see it the crowdfunding announcement would have already long passed. It's a shame they couldn't meet their goal. They did meet nearly half though which shows promise for crowd funding in japan. Especially when such an unknown band was able to get that close.
  • They're crowdfunding their 3rd/Act 3 album on indiegogo, check it out guys/girls!
  • The new single is quite nice :D
  • amazing music
  • New song preview: [url][/url]!
  • Their 100th radio program on youtube: [url][/url]. It's definitely good to see that they're still together. There were also some pics posted, for example: [url][/url]. Check their [url=]Facebook[/url] or [url=]Sho's twitter[/url] for more. Hope to see some new music soon!
  • Lacroix Despheres has just posted a poll on their official Facebook page asking "What is the song you'd like Lacroix Despheres to cover?" Please vote!!

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