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My granny, she said I was a hooligan
Runnin' 'round like a fool again
I went down to the candy store
If I had a nickel, I'd buy some more

Kiss - Letra de Hooligan

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  • lol @ swidman64's very true remark. Peter Criss was a very subtle rebel.
  • yes!
  • live version kick ass!
  • "dropped out of school when I was 22"...wouldn't he be a senior in college by then?
  • underrated Kiss song...
  • Dear KISS: thanks for having such an awesome reason to use the word "hooligan" on a regular basis. :D
  • I am a Hooligan
  • FLORECITA you´re allways where KISS is.... you want the best and you have the best!!!!
  • My mama, she said I was a black sheep. (mine also)

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