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    Fev 7 2008, 19h31 por helikoppter

    With far too many albums to review (in order to stick to my policy about writing something about every album I purchase which I set up in order to hinder myself from buying too many CDs) and little time to actually review anything, I've decided to try to review albums as I get them and take care of the backlog when I see fit... Here are three compilations, that arrived in my mailbox some time ago.

    Ghost On Summer 2007: Hit Remake Parade!

    K-indie cover album that merited a track-by-track review posted here.

    Gothic Compilation vol.1: the Masque of the Red Death

    In spite of the tracklist, I was expecting some kind of goth rock compilation when I decided to purchase this Pastel compilation. What I got was a compilation with music "influenced by Gothic culture", which sounds even more interesting even though it reveals that it's probably something I will not take an immediate liking to. At first listen I found little that appealed to me. Second listen I noticed a few songs that did have something. …