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  • Avatar de 136
    Legendary album.
  • Avatar de root_strata
    This music just doesn't age.
  • Avatar de naganoses Live set released back in 2008.
  • Avatar de facilities062
    "handwriting" will be 10 years old this year.
  • Avatar de baxinski
    guys, if you're huge fans of Handwriting you should really dig into this album ( you might really love it. IMHO if I could name any album as a "Handwriting 2" that would be the one.
  • Avatar de Chaosweaver144
    Calico Dong Veil.
  • Avatar de Chaosweaver144
    I don't care if he's doing some noise/improv shows or whatever. The recent i, cactus stuff is good and he didn't lose his talent or sanity because he was doing some noise performances. It's obvious you're mad because a guy made an LP 9 years ago when he was young and you think he's going to do it again.
  • Avatar de baradoz
    For those of you (like myself) waiting for Handwriting II, be prepared to wait for Connor to regain his sanity and talent: Yes, it's really him. Confirmed by his pal Ilkae ( ). I totally understand and enjoy experimentation from artists, but this is just... objectively bad ( ) Dear universe spirit, please let this just be a phase...
  • Avatar de drudkh
    Khonnor - Documentary. Part 1 Khonnor - Documentary. Part 2
  • Avatar de Rigaderchi
    Just heard him for the first time. A Little Secret is beautiful.

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