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Keepsake was an American emo band formed in 1997 by Paul Geller and Mark Silva in Coral Springs, Florida. After releasing three records on the independent label, Eulogy Recordings, Geller left the band for personal reasons; returning to music years later as a solo act, "Pauly Jett". He also produced three records for Sony Red distributed Undecided Records' artists Shindig, Hearts Over Rome, and Cru Jones. Paul now performs as a nationally recognized DJ Pauly Crush.

Jesse Kriz was later… leia mais

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  • Australian Keepsake kick ass!
  • i didn't know the scream/sing sound was going on this early. I mean, I know that Grade is another band that was doing it, and we could look toward From Autumn to Ashes too, but most of the stuff gets overshadowed by the likes of silverstein, underoath etc.
  • stop saying "underrated" and "unknown" for this band!!! They are just forgotten! They used have have a load of hype back in the early 2000s when they got signed to Fearless.
  • yep, soulseek is where i got it too.Awesome stuff.
  • So under-appreciated. Just got Black Dress in a B Movie from Soulseek. Oh the memories. All the albums are gold.
  • "this is the end of sound / we are the end of sound." down the memory lane, I miss these guys.
  • the beginning of the end of sound <3
  • This band are so underrated within their genre it's a crime.
  • the end of sound indeed... after this band there was pure bullshit
  • great band, RIP! :/

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