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  • This is the one I keep coming back to.
  • Made my Monday.
  • Repeat
  • thank you, rp
  • what a song
  • slow dance material at its finest
  • I second mortlach16.
  • i wanna slow dance this song.
  • Never heard anything quite like this - it's almost hypnotic. Casts quite a spell.
  • I won't let you in my heart, But you were always on my mind.
  • what a voice - really great [2]
  • what a voice - really great
  • touching upon the softening parts of your mind
  • A most beautiful song.
  • What trackaghost said.
  • I really like this,it is a very pretty song,the sort of thing you wan,t to listen to after getting stoned.
  • Oh! I forgot-the words are fantastically good!
  • I have to admit, that after hearing this song, not only did it become one of my MOST favorite songs, she became one of my favorite performers. Great composition! Neil Young-eat your heart out! Great harmonica; great everything!
  • I wish the whole album was like this...only some of it is. This song is excellent.
  • i think apart from her voice the music sounds alike blue rodeo, which is all good in my ears, but a really gand voice she has equally.
  • Thank you Kathleen. Hauntingly brilliant.
  • I think this song is her masterpiece: the atmospheric instrumental start, the way it slowly builds, the lyrics, the echoey haunting vocals, the way the harmonica and strings come in at the end, the whole feel of the song - just stunning.
  • I loved this song the first time I heard it... absolutely... hypnotic...and sensual
  • Gorgeous on first listen
  • Very beautiful track.
  • this song is simply fantastic
  • wwwwwwonderful !w!
  • I wholly agree with everything that's been said so far. This song is simply magnificent.
  • Full of love. Just beautyful.
  • Best song off the album in my opinion.
  • Awesome lyrics great guitar work, an an outstanding artist!
  • I completely agree with HighOnSunday51's views on this song. I love it to pieces! It is so beautifully composed and poignant. I was nearly moved to tears by it.
  • I love this song. It has the perfect feel of the end of the night/early morning, lounging in a bar as it's closing and it's reflected beautifully with the lyrics. I love the echo-like vocals and the two verses. It creates a perfect image of the two people and the urge to know somebody and feel intimacy at the end of a lonely night (it's how it makes me feel, anyway). And I love how it ends with 'you were always on my mind' and the long section of music. It's such a great choice for a closer, and the opening track is perfectly chosen also.

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