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  • I will never ever forget this song. [6]
  • I will never ever forget this song. [5]
  • I will never ever forget this song. [4]
  • Great Chorus!
  • I will never ever forget this song. [3]
  • I don't hear this song for years and I perfectly remember the letter
  • My favorite Katatonia song ever ♥
  • I will never ever forget this song. [2]
  • such a beautiful song
  • <3
  • still so new and fresh to me after a year
  • <3
  • I will never ever forget this song.
  • I love discouraged ones as much as I love katatonia's new albums... just, in a different way. the recent records are hallmarked by incredible complexity, swapping between keys and palettes at the drop of a hat, to create a schizophrenic chaos unmatched by anything in modern metal. by contrast, the earlier clean vocal albums focused on a much more minimal song structure, consolidating the frantic guitar riffs into solemn dissonant chords, and allowing jonas's voice to float, as a spectre, between tonal points, creating intense atmosphere using many fewer sonic embellishments than the later albums utilize. either way, the effect is intoxicating; what the listener likes more just comes down to individual preference. me? I love them both. katatonia is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant metal bands of our time.
  • ase poco me la pasaron. gran banda
  • Sounds like Nirvana [2]
  • In the water I saw you drown Down the water I Saw you drown...drown.. this is one good song
  • sounds like nirvana
  • The first 16 seconds of this song is one of the saddest and most beautiful riffs I've ever heard.
  • the first chords are enough to give me chills... everytime..
  • Awesome
  • I am not amused
  • Don't you know I'm the end of what we'll be And right below us The last thing you'll see ... saw you drown saw me drown....
  • One of their best
  • delightfully depressing!
  • lol @ doom metal tag
  • In the water I saw you drown...
  • It makes you sad, even if you're in a great mood. Btw, it's the first song I've ever heard by Katatonia.
  • This one is for you my friend, RIP Aleks. To leave this world behind, the only way to stay.
  • Melancholy is so beautiful..
  • Eu amo essa música. É algo que me conforta, mesmo sendo desesperadora.
  • comforting
  • Saw them play this song last night, really amazing performance.
  • my fave katatonia song
  • great tune, but sound 3 times better LIVE , really masterpiece
  • i wanna marry this song <3
  • When they played this song live I almost died.
  • Live from Athens, 11th of April 2010. Whether you like this live version or not (i tend to be of the latter category) it's great that they play this song on their 2010 tour.
  • This song still gives me creeps - just perfect.
  • saw this played live last night, fucking awesome \m/
  • Try This Song Under The Rainy sky of the northern forests...
  • I love how this kind of music sends you to a different land. [2]
  • one word - beautiful (my dying bride, greycookie, that's melancholy)
  • I love how this kind of music sends you to a different land.
  • "I'm weaker than they say"
  • one word - melancholy
  • beautiful in its simplistic sadness
  • Nice.


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