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  • This might be my favourite Kanye verse, every word is perfect.
  • holy shit the j ivy verse
  • what the fuck is jay-z on about
  • J. Ivy goes hard on this track!
  • J. Ivy >
  • Jay Z's verse is horrible
  • I love this song.
  • J. Ivy though.
  • One of my favorite Kanye tracks.
  • fav kanye song ever
  • The noise levels are a bit strange, but this is such a beautiful song.
  • J.Ivy!
  • powerful
  • @ohsnapitsdiddy: Not at all, Jay's closing verse is one of the best he's ever done. I assume Kanye felt it added something to the verses and the song overall. It certainly doesn't ruin Jay's verses by any means.
  • Probably the best track on TCD
  • shut the fuck up.
  • Without a doubt the shittiest song on TCD, possibly the worst song he's made.
  • I was just listening to this song and it hit me how Kanye made mad noise through both of Jigga's verses up until the very end. In the first verse, he left the chorus at full blast while Jay's verse was smothered. In his own verse, the chorus was quiet in the background. Then in Jay-Z's second verse 'Ye pulls a Funkmaster Puffy and talks over it. And then I read the comments and the consensus here is that jay-Z's verses suck. Interesting. Kanye did it on purpose?!??!
  • j. ivy has his prints all over this track, JESUS
  • Probably the best song on TCD. It's hard to pick a best verse because the 3 of them came out firing
  • <3333
  • naw the poet dude went way harder than jay.
  • Wow jays verse went over people heads. [2] Jay went off
  • ''So I guess i'm one of a kind in a full house. Cause whenever I open my heart, my soul or my mouth, a touch of God reigns out.'' Shit, that's intense.
  • j ivy is a god.
  • enlighten us, hurracayne
  • j.ivy
  • Who does the big inspiring verse starting at 2:45?
  • Wow jays verse went over people heads.
  • j ivy killed em both. [2] That verse is just fucking insane, and with just that vocal part afterwards, amazing.
  • Kanye's best track.
  • jay-z verse annoys me but good song still
  • best 'Ye verse
  • Track is still sick... though Jay's verse? "Meh"
  • sick
  • absolutely love this one
  • I can't complain what the accident did to my left eye, cause look what an accident did to Left Eye
  • dope song right on
  • j ivy killed em both.
  • jay-z's first verse doesn't make any sense on this track, it should just start with kanye [2] He did the same things on the diamonds remix. I hate when kanye goes deep and jay puts some superficial junk on the track.
  • jay-z's first verse doesn't make any sense on this track, it should just start with kanye
  • Incredible
  • easily one of his best
  • Yes, best Kanye track IMO
  • I think Jay-Z started to run out of steam around this point in his career . . . he indeed passed the "Roc" to Kanye . . . who's much more refreshing and incredibly talented. The best producer/rapper ever.
  • luv this lyrics this is not a image, this is god given, this is hard liven first aaliyah, now romeo must die I know I got angels watchin me from other sides ;]


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