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  • Avatar de MikeySchenker
    "This songs actually sounds like a kindergarden song." Oh haha, that is a good one...
  • Avatar de VanHalenFreakZ
    Decent Priest anthem but I feel United, Rock You All Around the World, and especially Heavy Duty/Defenders of the Faith are better
  • Avatar de DARKZSOU7
    "We're gonna drive you, we're gonna ride you, we're gonna get right inside you, And if you wanna keep going, just shout out for more!"
  • Avatar de Hopkinator
    Fucking great chorus. [6]
  • Avatar de Cacnep
    Fucking great chorus. [5]
  • Avatar de MegaDave89
    Fucking great chorus. [4]
  • Avatar de MegaDave89
    This should be Judas Priest Themesong! I absolutily cant stop listen to this song. IMO one of their best songs. I like the tunes!
  • Avatar de OliverKindernay
    I love commercial and cheesy priest. They know how to do it
  • Avatar de Dragoon104
    Sounds gay xD
  • Avatar de Guzco5
    gregcobra, I'm sure Priest doesn't want fucking idiots to be their fans anyway. No harm done.


You got to leave your seat, gotta get up upon your feet
Gonna move you to the rhythm till you never can stop
We got the power, we got the music, and you bet your [Incomprehensible] we can use it
Gonna take rock bottom, gonna take it to the top

Judas Priest - Letra de Take on the World


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