• survey #3 + Kids Alive-ness

    Mai 21 2006, 21h01 por Sonara

    Open Winamp, hit shuffle, songs answer questions, blah blah.

    What do people assume when they first look at me?
    Song: I'll Never Tell (Once More With Feeling)
    Artist: uh... Joss Whedon
    Comment: "She is the one, she's such wonderful fun, such passion and grace/Warm in the night, when I'm right in her tight embrace, tight embrace" Awww they love me at first sight.

    What will be a big challenge in life for me?
    Song: Nookie
    Artist: Limp Bizkit
    Comment: I don't even like this song. And thanks for that damn challenge.

    Am I a good boy/girlfriend?
    Song: To Feel the Fire
    Artist: GACKT
    Comment: "My outer self looks happy as can be/A perfect dream, love, as clear as I can see/But just like that, real has hit me suddenly/My outer is a liar" Oh Gackt, you Engrish speaking dork. But that is surprisingly accurate about me in relationships. Sadly.

    How will I die?
    Song: Title Screen music (FF Tactics)
    Artist: 崎元仁