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  • Its Jonathon Larson singing what a legend :)
  • just amazing!
  • If this is Larson, hold on to it. It's a real gem. The man died on opening night. [2]
  • Ugh, I got the bad version too.
  • It's Adam Pascal singing.
  • this sounds like it was recorded in a bucket 0.0
  • If this is Larson, hold on to it. It's a real gem. The man died on opening night.
  • I will always love Rent.
  • Who is this singing?
  • which version be this?????? *confuzzled* it sounds like it was recorded in a bucket
  • I don't know what version everyone doesn't like. I'm listing to my OBC CD. I LOVE it. This song made me fall in love with RENT when I saw the tour 7 years ago.
  • Hate this version. Bah.
  • I quite like whichever version I'm listening to but this is the first time I've heard of whatever the hell this song is, and whoever this guy is... But yes I think switches between versions.
  • this song cool
  • this obviously isn't adam pascal, gang. it has to be jonathan.
  • It switches between versions.
  • Well, this version is rather bad. He doesn't hit all the notes quite right, and it sounds like it was recorded with a cheap mike in a living room. Now if this is Jonathan Larson's demo, I'd let it slide, cause the man's a composer, not a singer or recording technician, but if mckennalei is right, Adam Pascal must've had a really bad day.
  • I don't know what you all are smoking, this version is Adam Pascal who was Roger in the OBC and in the movie.
  • one song glory <3
  • I prefer the remake movie version.
  • ugh....such a disapointment
  • Ohhhhhh. I just figured out that the knocking sound at the end of the track would be "Mimi" knocking on the door!
  • WTF is with this version.
  • Great song, bad version.
  • is this jonathan larson?
  • no, not close to as good as Roger, but still, heart throb of a song
  • I'm pretty sure it is Jonathan Larson making a demo, actually. Because that's definitely not a broadway cast member.. and the other RENT songs on here, like La vie boheme.. sound.. horrible, actually. The quality is bad and the singing.. doesn't sound like Broadway material. I wish they would put up like the movie recordings or something..
  • It definitely sounds like a synthesizer of some sort. I'm surprised that the Adam Pascal version isn't on here, it does sound like a demo.
  • CrzyBeautiful19 you are so right... The singing isn't as good as Roger's singing (not even close), but I have no clue what kind of crappy instrument he is using... perhaps a few old strings he found in his closet from an old guitar or something....
  • this is a terrible version of this song. i'm wondering if this is ACTUALLY johnathan larson plunking around in his apartment making this demo on his old keyboard back in the days before this made it to broadway. the original cast member who did this from the very first performance in the off broadway production and worked with larson, and also was in the movie, did a MUCH better version. I don't understand why they don't have that version on here. strange...
  • My Favorite RENT song =3

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