• shut up.

    Out 24 2009, 4h27 por intheyearmmmmlv

    01. How did you get into #31?

    Chuck Berry - I've been hearing him on oldies radio since before I could talk.

    02. What was the first song you ever heard by #22?

    that's weird, the person I stole this from had Elliott Smith at number 22 also.
    the first one I remember hearing was Angeles, but I don't think that's right. I had listened to him before but Angeles was the song that made me love him.

    03. What's your favorite lyric by #41 ?
    hmmm...I think a lot of them are really good although sometimes a little cheesy.
    I've got torn up knees and calloused fingertips
    broken vocal chords and busted lips
    is a good one though.
    Lucero - All Sewn Up

    04. What is your favorite album by #49 ?

    Make Yourself although I haven't listened to it in ages.

    05. How many albums by #13 do you own?

    Only three, Green River, and Chronicle Vols. 1 and 2. in my opinion, they didn't have that many good ones. when they were good they were awesome but when they weren't they were terrible.

    Jan 26 2007, 15h24 por codislove

    Here is a shuffle quiz I actually made alllllll by myself!

    The story: I was totally bored and needed something to do. While listening to Uncle Pat (Ash) I somehow came up with the idea of making a shuffle quiz. I mean, I totally love them, I could not get access to them at the time and well...when I am bored, I usually did them so it makes sense that I did one, but I needed to make one first. Following me? Goooooood.

    Anyways, I have decided to limit it to 40 Qs. I think that is a good number, 40. 30 seems like too little and 50 way too much. Soooo 40 it is!

    On with the shuffle!

    1. So you walk into a your old high school and the first thing you think is:
    Get It Together (Seal)
    Yep, I will tell myself to GET IT TOGETHER, WOMAN. It's just your high school!

    2. Your significant other is:
    Cure for the Itch (Linkin Park)
    Uhhhh well I do not HAVE one, really! But if I did maybe he/she would be the cure for the loneliness itch, I guess.

    3. Your life at the moment is:
    Diana (Paul Anka)