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    Fev 15 2006, 2h55 por autumnleaves18

    I'm a big fan of musicals. When there's one I particularly like, I find as many versions of the songs that I can and listen to them over and over again. With Phantom of the Opera, I listened to at least one song every day for about three months.

    But anyroad, this isn't (completly) about my obsession with musicals. It's about my One True Actors as Characters. I have in particular.

    1. John Owen-Jones. He is My Phantom. There are no good official recordings of him singing the part of the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera, but there are some clips of him on his website (http://www.johnowenjones.com/). You know the feeling you get when something so terrible happens that you feel as if your heart has been ripped from your chest, put in a blender on high for a few minutes, then trampled on by a large group of elephants? That's how I felt when I heard John Owen-Jones singing the first part of 'Down Once More'. If anyone has the emotion and hypnotic voice needed for the Phantom, it's him, at least in my opinion.