• I don't care if I'm alone here singing songs to myself. (Dedications. I wish.)

    Jan 31 2006, 12h22 por huddyhippo

    So, mcbean and lesalanos replies to my last post get me thinking about songs that I’d like to be serenaded by, or, because my mind shies away from ridiculously romantic things like that, (personally, I’m not keen on overly demonstrative type stuff – sure it’s somewhat adorable when it happens to others, but it’s just not for me) songs I’d like to have ‘dedicated to me’ or have someone give me on a mix CD, not necessarily as a message to me, but just because they knew I loved the song/s.

    I spent a couple of days thinking about it, but still all I’ve come up with is the four that popped into my head in the first five minutes of pondering.

    I’ll Be Your Friend
    …but you just haven't made me yet.
    I had a torrid three-week affair (read: stupidly self-indulgent mopey period) with this song during the middle of last year, where I listened to this repeatedly just to make myself feel like crap, during a “woe is me, I’m so dissatisfied with life!” period. …