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  • Avatar de Metamorphic_
  • Avatar de alfapp
    Happy Birthday Jimmy; you're a hero !
  • Avatar de txhammer68
    as close as u get to a zeppelin encore (farewell,hell freezes over...) concert!!! A must for h/c Zep fans!!!
  • Avatar de donkukis
    Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes, best thing since Led Zeppelin
  • Avatar de OneSalient
    New Group - [url=]I Buy Music Directly From The Artist[/url]
  • Avatar de Dunnemin
    Yes, love this album real much. I prefer it above Page & Plant.
  • Avatar de chefsam57
    =2 ≠ original
  • Avatar de tiagohardrock
    very good!
  • Avatar de lucy304
    Love this sound. <3<3<3 Lov U JP
  • Avatar de cezarasouza
    Happy Birthday, Jimmy Page!
  • Avatar de TREMOLO69
    this is better than any zeppelin reunion. them getting back together just ruins the mystique. this is not as good as led zeppelin, but it's a pretty great live album by a band that fits jimmy like a glove... when it first came out i couldn't care less about it, but i recently got it used for six bucks and really like it
  • Avatar de jancio_wodnik
    Great :)
  • Avatar de ataritouchme
    i used to love this album, but now going through it tells me i'd really rather just listen to zeppelin.
  • Avatar de tallpaul1
    Got it! =)
  • Avatar de bostache
  • Avatar de sveze
    This is so, so so... can't find words. Custard Pie rocks without end... Got it on vinyl last week!
  • Avatar de StonedJesus
    absolutely f*ckin AWESOME!!!!!
  • Avatar de monnezze
    absolutely magnificent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar de mike_zeppelin
    their album cover is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! a king becoming a god!!!! nice!!
  • Avatar de nightlynx
    This is so epic. [2]
  • Avatar de Crustclock
    He sounds /so/ much like Plant. It's eerie.
  • Avatar de JoaquindCL
    Does anybody know if there's a way to get the crowes songs played at thode concerts???
  • Avatar de Sulisk
    Love the band
  • Avatar de StVal
    Join Chris Robinson group -
  • Avatar de nosnorb1
    What's up almosthip.Idig the black crowes,can't beat em!!
  • Avatar de ballener0
    This is so epic.
  • Avatar de LUCKYLEO
  • Avatar de LUCKYLEO
  • Avatar de AXEL9LUGLIO2006
    grandi led
  • Avatar de SeanNielsen
    The Japanese release of this album included Misty Mountain Hop & In The Light, two stellar tracks that, for reasons I will never understand, didn't make it to the U.S.-E.U. Release. If you want the tracks let me know, I'll email them to you.
  • Avatar de dropdtuna
    My fingers are so sticky
  • Avatar de thegangsta123 then jon this group !!
  • Avatar de strangerina
    What a bummer that we can't hear the Crowes songs that were played at these concerts! Great stuff though.
  • Avatar de godfreemorals
    gungosh: well said, this is great stuff!
  • Avatar de gungosh
    i love the crowes since their early years, because i'm a die-hard led zeppelin fan. when i heard them for the first time i thought: wow, this is it! finally a band that really deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as zep! and they are no clones, absolutely not! so this fusion, the crowes and jimmy, leaves me (nearly) speechless, it's just ... perfect :o)
  • Avatar de lil-danny
    i just love In my time of dying xD their version, and the led zeppelin one, it's pretty much the same though
  • Avatar de kkamphaus2
    Congratulations, colossal_girl!!! What a great find.
  • Avatar de colossal_girl
    i found disk two second hand on a throw out table at our school fete for $2... there wasn't a disk one and it was in a broken death cab for cutie case! lol
  • Avatar de WhiteSummer23 join my zeppelin group
  • Avatar de Emperor_Shrimp
    A great live album!
  • Avatar de lecanadien
    I actually came in my pants when I started listening to this...
  • Avatar de rfue
    haha you firsted me zep-addict.
  • Avatar de zep-addict
    everybody who loves the black crowes come join the black crowes & jimmy page group! The Link:
  • Avatar de rfue
    Wow they did some really great covers of Zeppelin.
  • Avatar de zep-addict
    unbelievable, this has got to be one of my favourite albums EVER!!! live at the greek... masterpiece! Chris Robinson is the best singer in the world right behind Robert Plant!!! watch the black crowes ft page's wanton song on youtube...
  • Avatar de Chrisheroth
    Tino Casal xDDasskicker

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