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  • Sssssure....
  • fawk yeah
  • One of the best of this age for free speaking comics. Lil Jimmy Norton will always be a favorite of mine. Ramooone!!!!! Get this disgusted fat faced retard dressed and on stage!
  • Who's that old guy over there? Uncle paul, uncle paul...
  • he stinks, and I don't like him.
  • happy birthday
  • "Of course you're over the road. You don't drive through backyards and swimming pools!"
  • Theodore reeeeeemooooooooooooove your genitals from that vacuum!
  • yiiiiiiiiiiimmy
  • Tssssss...
  • "If you don't understand what outstanding shares are, then I suggest you fuck a baby!"- Boardroom Jimmy
  • LITTLE YIMMY IS THE MAN! Go pinch your fat little tits you hilarious bastard! And I'd tell you to come to Michigan so I can see you but I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
  • frunkis ramone ted sheckler uncle paul jimcy
  • he will be missed
  • such a pretty boy-UNCLE PAUL -you ass
  • happy birthday jimmy!
  • wrong jim norton, but RIP regardless.
  • I don't like lil Jimmy.. I LLLLLLLLLOVE EM!!
  • Jimmy should have more listens.
  • jim norton pimps his own style to the fullest. rock on dood
  • You guys see him at the Virus? What a slim cunt. Handsome devil.
  • Cater To Your Cuties Off Color Funny Bone...
  • can't wait for 'Sorry the pages are stuck together.'
  • jesus christ florio, r u gonna be on every page i go to haha- Norton is awesome
  • haha they have comedian pages now too WOOHOO!
  • You have several of his albums? I think I've only heard the two.
  • I don't suppose anyone could up Yellow Discipline could they?
  • i have several norton albums!!
  • can anyone upload the norton album?
  • monster rain
  • I wish I had his new CD.

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