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  • Avatar de AngelPop
    i want a boyrfriend like him
  • Avatar de juland17
    You make me lose my cool xx
  • Avatar de Andraaaaa
    oh I see so he's in Summer Camp now! (sorry spammed a bit)
  • Avatar de Andraaaaa
    V last comment nov 2010 :/ he's not being productive rite now? :(
  • Avatar de Andraaaaa
    Emmy The Great brought me here.. one cool bro!
  • Avatar de hellodenise
    if he breaks your heart!!!!!!!!! its like a blanket for my insides. that sounds weird but its true
  • Avatar de lincolnlara
    New EP????
  • Avatar de wincelow
    Enjoyed 5 Verses so much, I just bought the single. Love finding new music through!
  • Avatar de MoominHannah
    Doctor Who with a guitar...
  • Avatar de Sepulchre
    So Louis Theroux does music now does he? Well damn him.
  • Avatar de amayameinir
    thanks, radio!
  • Avatar de VelvetGunpowder
    I'm just hearing him for the first time right now and I am interested...
  • Avatar de nicolatelfer
  • Avatar de MariH4n0n1m0
  • Avatar de jediknightg
    so good
  • Avatar de edudarko
  • Avatar de matthorwood
  • Avatar de moneeb
    here's a gig review if anyone's interested:
  • Avatar de mattribute
  • Avatar de BritishGlasses
    Who knows where it is possible to download albums???thanks!
  • Avatar de locominky
    Hey guys, there are still some tickets left for Jeremy's headline show at the Wheatsheaf in Oxford this coming Sunday! Make sure you snap them up before it's too late :)
  • Avatar de stephendore
    freeee ep
  • Avatar de gregorygraham
    review of jeremy's excellent set @ summer sundae festival is on
  • Avatar de Salamander-s
    I have been singing 'Out of my head' for about two days solid now. I really like it. It is wedged in my brain and plays randomly throughout the empty halls of my head. Not a bad thing I must say. Cannot wait for UNION CHAPEL IN SEPTEMBER. x
  • Avatar de sibss
    oh, just found out that Blaine is achually featured in 'I believe in the way you move' :D
  • Avatar de sibss
    his voice reminds me of Blaine Harrison from Mystery Jets in certain songs :)
  • Avatar de canopiesngrapes
    S/he is clearly not intelligent enough to do that, or appreciate JWo.
  • Avatar de zennor
    @atgthatsme- why didn't you just dismiss the recommendation?
  • Avatar de bitter_emotion
  • Avatar de atgthatsme
    you really really suck. i just listened to you in order to finally get you off my reccomendations page. other wise i wouldn't waste my time. peace and love.
  • Avatar de letsteaparty
    jw makes lovely sounds..x
  • Avatar de funkytechnician
    I saw Mr Warmsly at Union Chapel last night for the first time, he was brilliant! Sad, funny, erudite and very talented. I'm going to buy his first album, and the second one even though it was completely overlooked by the critics; it's a fucking masterpiece :o)
  • Avatar de Danimod
    such lovely person. funny show in oxon.
  • Avatar de VinylJane
    if he braks your heart is amazing. really catchy and kinda melancholic! I LOVE IT!!!
  • Avatar de YeahLikeTotally
    'I promise' is my favourite; heard it on SXSW a year or two ago, haven't been able to get it out of my head.
  • Avatar de doiscareyou
    wow wee.
  • Avatar de Bom_
    Soooo refreshing.
  • Avatar de BradleyBell
    Love it.
  • Avatar de panzetton
    great songwriter
  • Avatar de zennor
    Got the new album for Christmas & I'm a little disappointed. Perhaps it'll grow on me...
  • Avatar de teddy_rawr
    fine and dandy
  • Avatar de bubblegumcandy
    if he breaks your heart will i stand a chance??
  • Avatar de neon_unicorn
    his songs made me fall in love with him,
  • Avatar de itstheEMshow
    refreshing is the perfect word for it. very nicely put.
  • Avatar de d245470k
    I agree with the general consensus, Kate Nash? What the fuck? This guy is nothing like that 'orrible cockney wannabe.
  • Avatar de makefairssafe
    Like a male Kate Nash? You must be joking.
  • Avatar de shy_butterfly
    bjuutifl ! :-) Especially the Instrumental part!
  • Avatar de acoustic_Fudge
    OH DEAR !!! he sounds NOTHING like kate nash. i like kate nash but thats just THE most stupid thing anyone could have said. even if you dont like him he does not sound like kate nash AT ALL. urgh. but i do love jeremy warmsley and i do like kate nash but like j wo more xxx
  • Avatar de Fettegott
    well, I adore this guy, and kate nash >.^
  • Avatar de blueclaire
    jeremy w. is amazing and sure he's great, but kate nash is different I think! but it's just me..


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