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  • I prefer this over CSN's version, which is saying alot. Grace is a force of nature.
  • wont you try some of my purple berries... Ive been eating them for 6 or 7 weeks now, havnt got sick once! prolly keep us both alive
  • <3
  • beautiful
  • (;-)
  • Amazing voices.
  • I cannot sufficiently express my love for this song. Magnificent work, by my all-time favorite American band.
  • My favorite song ever !
  • A+
  • Shine Ever On Grace
  • sail away where the morning sun goes high..
  • It never gets old !
  • awesome!!
  • wooden schjips
  • Probably one of my favorite songs.
  • one of their best...all the harmonies converge into TRIpPy bliss!!!
  • Grace Slick has an incredible voice. Suitably, it's perfect for psychedelic.
  • antiwar,as ever...get it together gov`t!
  • groovy! :-) Peace!
  • underrated song
  • fuck man I have wanted to live this season!
  • Für mich der beste Song von Jefferson! Einfach klasse!
  • Freeky deekey man.... Sweet track
  • Damn. I was vaccum my apartment when this song came on. Had to stop to listen it :)
  • I wish i was 60 now, so i could listen to this for the first time back when it was released, and i was at my prime.
  • one of the best songs evar.
  • love that one!
  • thanks David, Stephen & Paul..., great great song....
  • Timeless.
  • Possibly my all time favorite song
  • Even better than the CSN version - just haunting. That guitar
  • amazing stuff.
  • this gives me cringe
  • trippy yet epic!
  • I love especially that one song! I wish I had a Time Machine! back to1969 I would go....... [4]
  • oops how could i forget Y
  • sorry this can't touch CSN's version
  • They played this for 20mins at Woodstock
  • I think this is Airplane's greatest song ever...
  • Jefferson Airplane at their Best, Grace Slick has such a great voice, ooh those were the days.
  • I like this version better than the Crosby,Stills Nash version. It is so beautiful.
  • Well rosebudz if I did I would be having a baby...I don't want to ..I want to go back to 65 through 69..then skip to 71 to 80..
  • I wish I had a Time Machine! back to1969 I would go.......
  • great beautiful
  • Brilliant song by David Crosby, love this album by airplane
  • I'm a big Psych fan, but Jefferson Airplane and especially this song doesn't touch me so much, sorry fans...
  • Words cannot describe how great this song is. It uses my mind as a canvas and paints such a wonderful picture every time I listen to it.
  • trippy, love that sound


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