• This is James Brown, circa 1962. This is me in awe.

    Mar 29 2006, 1h55 por singSnow

    Remember when you first heard pre-Atlantic era Bob Marley? The revelation of timelessness, the awe, the sheer beauty of singular genius in its full flower? 

I had that moment again last night. 

I picked up James Brown & the Famous Flames - Live at the Apollo (Remastered 1962) on iTunes, and my life got a tiny bit better the moment I heard this album. 

James and the Flames open with 'I'll Go Crazy'- this is perhaps the nastiest goove in living history, and with those early 60's backing vocals are of a sweetness... It's nigh perfect. James is just plain on, and sings throughout the show with a fire and precision that must be heard. Am I allowed to say this is the best singing I've ever heard? Ok, I guess I just did.

'Lost Someone' is a 6/8 feel torch ballad that put me in that musical transcendental revery, loving even how the air felt around me as the band did it's thing and James got down. And then I could hear the folks up in that room feeling that same way in 1962. At the Apollo. Feelin' it.