• Oh, Baby: The Mixtape

    Nov 13 2010, 17h49 por pecusita

    "Baby" is a very popular, non-gender specific, way of referring to your significant other. It is a wonder-word in terms of phonetic camouflage, it can be included in a myriad of music genres without losing a step. Its pop sensibility is so high, that it can even be used by closeted gay people without fear of outing themselves to anyone. "Baby": sweet and short.

    While crushing very hard on the latest addition to the Baby Hall of Fame - Baby by Warpaint - it dawned on me that it'd probably be a good topic for a mixtape. Now, don't be fooled by its sweetness, not all babies are good-natured. Some of them are deceiving, backstabbing, selfish, evil spawns. So, I decided to give a premature, one-sided account on the state of mind of each one of these precious babies to provide extra rant value.

    You can either listen to the songs on Blip.fm or skip to the end and download them all to share with your baby.

    "Oh, how I worry. Please, baby, hurry.
    Come back, come back, come back to me right now [...]
  • "but I did not believe in him, heaven and hell"

    Jan 18 2007, 13h10 por -Nietje-

    Daarnet gehoord in Papa van Stef Bos:
    Jij gelooft in God
    Dus jij gaat naar de hemel
    En ik geloof in niks
    Dus we komen elkaar na de dood
    Na de dood nooit meer tegen

    dit deed me denken aan:
    Oh where oh were could my baby be
    The lord took her away from me
    She's gone to heaven so I've got to be good
    So I can see my baby when I leave this world
    uit Last Kiss (origineel van J. Frank Wilson naar 't schijnt).

    en ik?
    Ik ga na mijn leven hier naar die bar under the sea (Disappointed In The Sun), waar mijn broer al op me zal wachten (als ik de wedstrijd 'om ter tlangst leven' win tenminste). Allé, dit dacht ik toch een jaar of vijf, zes geleden.