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It is a band of Viking / Pagan / Folk metal formed in 2005, Sweden-Gothenburg.
Their lyrical themes deal with the Swedish folklore and nature.

The band name "Irminsul" (big pillar in Old Saxon) is a pillar that connected, according to legend, heaven and earth, represented by an oak or wooden pillars that were venerated by the Saxons.

Ida Gudmundson Violin
Linda Fagerberg Vocals (female)
Patric "Guzten" Gustafsson…

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  • Groupe français super sympathique, l'album "Geist" est bien réussi. Chronique sur mon webzine :
  • Great surprise album Fäder, excellent!
  • Besprechung von "Fäder":
  • Ásmegin meets Fejd. The transition between the two styles is not particularly smooth and might induce some headaching, but it is indeed original and I'd rather listen to this than say.. the new Månegarm. It's better to try and risk failing than copy old success.
  • New album is pretty enjoyable, to me it's much better than a poor Finntroll spin-off on the debut. The band now has their own sound and tries to go for various different kinds of songs, all quite well-done and thought through (esp. those 10 min tracks).
  • very good newcd <3
  • Here I thought no folk metal band can impress me anymore, but then I stumbled upon Irminsul.
  • Midvinterblot <3
  • Keep it on!!! Your Music is not just epic, it's god-like!! Hails!

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