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  • this + weed = win [2] Right now holy shit, i'm waiting for the build up, that shit blows my mind, literally
  • to ride the bike with this shit is amazing
  • best
  • The build up is amazing...i also like the outro
  • A viciously delicious song.
  • deep
  • They are a cut above the rest, that's what makes them the best!!!
  • this + weed = win
  • I have over 1700 plays for Infected Mushroom, I'd do just about anything to see them preform. It would be such an intense experience
  • Blows me away, every time.
  • dance music?
  • This track makes me wanna wrestle guerillas. So much adrenaline.
  • Mind-blowing build up. The best I ever hear.
  • 5:00 onwards is so fucking epic with the running up scale....climax o'clock!
  • I jizzed in my pants the first time I heard this one.
  • This song has the longest and most insane, epic, and powerful buildup I've ever heard. Every time I listen to it, I have an eargasm. It's incredible. Of course, the rest of this song is insanely awesome too. But that buildup... My god, there's nothing else like it. And the mood is incredible. Props to them for making such a kick-ass song (and album as a whole).
  • 4:35 - 5:50 loud on headphones = eargasm!!!
  • Agreed Cysquatch! Eargasmish!
  • I'm fucking high, and this fecking awesome!!!!
  • the ending breakdown is indeed addictive! brilliant!
  • The best track of Infected Mushroom!
  • You're listening to this, and you're thinking, "Wow, this is a pretty good song, I think I really like it," and then you get to that build up and all of a sudden HOLY FUCKING SHIT, WHERE DID MY MIND JUST GO?!
  • BOM! yeaaaaa
  • ma agygörcsöt kaptam a szám közepén annyira ütős az a rész.
  • Fuck. Now I wanna play No More Heroes.
  • So fucking dark and insane. I love it.
  • when this song orgasms...i do too [2]
  • epic !
  • Geil...!!!:-)
  • Euprhoric breakdown at 5:10, absolutely fucking amazing
  • when this song orgasms...i do too
  • its almost like a religious experience x 2
  • Perfect build up!
  • the climax from 5:00 to 5:50 is craaaaaaazzy <3
  • I think I may have soiled myself.
  • I think I'm... um... "STOP" sign says go -><- oh boy... we have a problem------eeeeeyeeeeeeaaaaa!
  • this track live melts your face!
  • What a track. Second best after the breathtaking "Heavyweight".
  • epicness all around :D
  • total perfection from start to finish ^__________^
  • its almost like a religious experience
  • 4:33 - 5:50 you can't do that better than this! makes me jump around everytime I hear it !
  • good music
  • the build in the middle is one of the most powerful builds in all of music!
  • had to come up with an appropriate tag for this and select others 'this track live melts your face' . . .
  • 4:35 - 5:54 Pure euphoria. :)
  • the title says it all :) ♥


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