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    Set 5 2011, 5h59 por Riff55


    Abr 21 2008, 1h05 por VeggieSocks

    i want Ill Repute's what happens next in mp3 format please and thank you have a nice day

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    Ago 19 2006, 3h34 por Loserkidwk

    Its been awhile since i wrote much of anything personal, in any form so now would be a good time to start again, ill write about what i've been listening to. Also please note its crazy late for me and i've been up for nearly 48 hours now so the spelling is gonna suck and i might ramble. Well first off Angels & Airwaves sucks, it's no secret that i love blink-182 years after i first heard them i still go head over heels for them, so i was pumped for angels but all i got was a bunch of bloated songs that went on to long and tried to hard. now i relize this isnt oh so recent but its been awhile in said since i wrote anything or really talked anything music so gimmie a break. But even with the angels disapointment im still totally stoked to hear Plus 44. Another huge disapointment came last may, i saw The Ataris, what happened to the good ol pop punk, its why i loved the ataris. anyway let me venture away from pop-punk for a little. Ive been totally into A//Political for the past month…
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    Jul 29 2006, 8h55 por BrainToad

    Unique Artists: 27
    Total Tracks: 112
    Total Plays: 112

    Getting back into regular listening patterns.

    1 Green Day 14
    OMG dey r so not punx!!11 Green Day is one band I have loved for years, ever since Warning was their hit record and I bought Nimrod instead, they've had a special place in my hear. Nimrod is a really amazing album. And I'll say it, I like parts of American Idiot, there is some decent and catchy songs on that album, but there is also a lot of crap. But I love listening to Green Day when I'm down or want a trip down memory lane. They are wonderful.

    1 Descendents 14
    I was in a pop-punky mood, so I threw on Milo Goes to College. As always, it was great. Really fun, really catchy, easy to relate to. The perfect pop-punk album.

    1 Camille Saint-Säens 14
    This was a new one for me. Saine-Säens is a French composer and he composed a suite called Carnival of the Animals. The part called "Aquariam" was performed by Dick Dale as the old music for Space Mountain…