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Icon For Hire é uma banda de Rock Alternativo Cristã com vocal feminino vindos de Decatur - IL
formada em 2007.
é mais nova banda do selo Tooth & Nail, Icon For Hire estão em estúdio com o produtor Aaron Sprinkle (Anberlin, The Almost) nesse semestre.


Ariel - Vocais
Shawn Jump - Guitarra
Adam Kronshagen - Bateria

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  • I'll listen to a band if it has a female vocalist, but probably not if it only has a male one. The new display of my all-time eight top albums on my profile: eight albums by female-fronted bands. That's inequality. Sorry men, please endeavor to bear thy sufferings with utmost grace and dignity. Retort: "You're missing the point." Counter-retort: "NO, YOU ARE IGNORING THE USEFULNESS OF THE FEMALE FRONTED TAG AS INFORMATION FOR CREEPY GUYS WHO WANT FEMALE VOCALS." Counter-counter-retort: "Impractical ideals are more important than usefulness. Oh and Angela Gossow sounds like a dude to me so your argument is invalid." I THROW MY HANDS IN THE AIR AND GIVE UP. Then bring them back down the keys and continue using "female fronted" as a synonym for "actually worth a listen."
  • I think "Now You Know" is a great song.. and needed to be said. So many of the musicians I listen to are women (instrumentals and vocals) that it would seem absurd to point out which are women and which are men. But it goes deeper than that. When we give women their own category or class in musicianship, art, or life, it creates a bias that later grows into greater inequalities. The best way to combat these biases is to call them out. well done.
  • Really disappointed in "Now You Know". She sounds awful for most of the song and the lyrics are like the world's most poorly written PSA. Can't take it seriously at all, I hope this isn't a sign of things to come.
  • Now You Know is fantastic!
  • New photo, vote pls?
  • Ohmyyyyygod Now You Know <3333333
  • Absolutely love it, killer track! <3
  • wut
  • Still one of my top bands <3

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