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  • Avatar de rhen_auger1988
    Ice cube will never get old
  • Avatar de AtDawnTheySquee
    check yo self b4 u wreck yo self
  • Avatar de woenney
    Gangsta Rap made me do it. [3]
  • Avatar de SwordOfBaal
    Gangsta Rap made me do it. [2]
  • Avatar de kwayne16
    Gangsta Rap made me do it.
  • Avatar de UndewaterBOY42
    Los Santos 1992 :)
  • Avatar de drumaboy70
    Man Cube idk if I can get behind Sasquatch
  • Avatar de SaintspawN
    Sasquatch [2]
  • Avatar de yarikh1
  • Avatar de nathanzera
    Raw Footage is my shit!
  • Avatar de FilipeBitch
  • Avatar de bulls94
    AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted
  • Avatar de Lyrici17
    "War & Peace, Volume 1 (The War Disc) " pretty much got me into rap...
  • Avatar de Ae318
    Core rapppin' since the '80s without changin' his Roots
  • Avatar de Lock_Out
    Everythang's Corrupt
  • Avatar de Acidsek
    AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted is a top 10 hip-hop album of all time. Not even arguable. Set that shit in stone son.
  • Avatar de X-UNIT
    Happy Birthday!
  • Avatar de jackyboiii
    One of the best rappers alive! [2] Ice Cube will always be my favorite rapper
  • Avatar de Martin-Martens
  • Avatar de RihJackson
    One of the best rappers alive!
  • Avatar de sOuller
    The bonus tracks should have made the actual album. [2] lmao so true, they better than any tracks on the album.
  • Avatar de SimonePerrota
    I personally though that, bar a few trend-hopping beats, I Am The West was solid. The bonus tracks should have made the actual album.
  • Avatar de lyle_catcliffe
    How can you not like the line, "I like it wet and sweaty/ Hot as the Serengeti/ bustin’ nuts, bustin’ cherries"?
  • Avatar de illmatic96
    Crowded is complete garbage. Disappointed in ya O'shea the fuck are ya doin making this nonsense?
  • Avatar de iboudebo6te
    His new single "Crowded"... could that be the worst song he has ever made? not far from being this..
  • Avatar de ToScA-
    One of my all time favourite rappers. AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted is such a sick album!
  • Avatar de Serikabd
    Кубик льда=))
  • Avatar de yarikh1
    everythang's corrupt
  • Avatar de KDgoHARD
    West Up! cube will forever be great
  • Avatar de acauap
  • Avatar de Heartagram1028
    Best gangsta rapper of all time to me. The Predator is such an amazing album.
  • Avatar de Occulta66
    yeah my man! great beat.
  • Avatar de sOuller
    if lastfm was around 30 years ago [2]
  • Avatar de deadevil13
    funniest rapper IMHO - funnier than Eminem
  • Avatar de iboudebo6te
    if lastfm was around 30 years ago [3]
  • Avatar de Alchedoc
    everythang's corrupt
  • Avatar de Mihhu young Cube!
  • Avatar de ChinaBuffet
    if lastfm was around 30 years ago....
  • Avatar de luppa666swag
    oletko se kuuluisa jää kuutio??? [2]
  • Avatar de mackcee
    the beat back n the day
  • Avatar de nathanzera
    I was a born loser, i was a born sinner, now i am a winner, in the convention centre.
  • Avatar de jussi03
    oletko se kuuluisa jää kuutio???
  • Avatar de psychik_45
    Fuck School Nigga i'ma be a Dope Dillah
  • Avatar de hornysex
    fuckin LOVE ice CUBE - so sad only has over a million listerners on stupid internert site tho!
  • Avatar de Pam-param-pam
  • Avatar de mikhael_91
  • Avatar de omaCore
    First I was like...
  • Avatar de jeffboulter
    Sad it only says 1.1 million listeners, wonder what it would say if was around 30 years ago. Ice Cube would prob be around 1 billion.
  • Avatar de Mihhu
  • Avatar de m-hide
    I used to dislike Cube`s old albums, but now that`s all I`m listening, especially "Death Certificate". I think it`s his best solo effort. Such a dope album, has a truly unique sound and atmosphere.


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