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  • Avatar de Cold_Kisses
  • Avatar de keanequeen
  • Avatar de MachineOfaDream
    I was listening to a lot of INXS during some of the most important moments of my formative years in high school, so they'll always have a special place in my heart.
  • Avatar de badckout
    The genius died too soon at the height of its success, it's so sad. Happy Birthday Michael, rest in peace.
  • Avatar de Xmatheus
    18 Years without Michael.
  • Avatar de Supduck
    the music video for Need You Tonight is my favourite music video of all time, it's what got me into playing guitar (for some weird unexplainable reason)!
  • Avatar de Ann_Kabatova
    oooooooh Elegantly Wasted!
  • Avatar de DjsMix74
    I need U 2night!!! ♥♥♥♥♥
  • Avatar de Cat_007
  • Avatar de Izhorian
    so many sexy, catchy tunes <3
  • Avatar de keanequeen
    Amo <3
  • Avatar de MetalRock1989
    Amazing band.
  • Avatar de jessyrocker
    Big Fan Here
  • Avatar de DjsMix74
    Pure 80's!!! ♥♥♥
  • Avatar de Via-Modern
    Love INXS ♥
    ♥ ♫¸¸.• (◕ ‿ ◕) ♥ ♫
  • Avatar de DjsMix74
    Need You 2nite, baby!!! :-)
  • Avatar de Atreyuvich
    Need You Tonight
  • Avatar de keanequeen
  • Avatar de leneheart
  • Avatar de DouglasOMac
    Kylie's cover on Kiss Me Once Tour <3
  • Avatar de Flubbar
    amazing band! rip michael ♥
  • Avatar de Jenny_Babydoll
    Great band!
  • Avatar de white_lemur
  • Avatar de Nick14Orlov
    Ребята создали, по сути, свой собственный жанр - этакий белый соул с налётом новой романтики (куда ж без неё родной). Очень стильный и мелодичный. Хатченс очень харизматичный певец с цепляющим вокалом, да и семейка Фарисс постаралась на славу. Самые любимые альбомы - Welcome To Wherever You Are и Elegantly Wasted
  • Avatar de Kazzosed
    need inxs tonight
    By My Side ♥
  • Avatar de ArtOfNothing
    HaHaHaYoureDead Придерживаться какого-то стиля и делать хорошую музыку - разные вещи. С возрастом обычно проходят позерство и комплексы.
  • Avatar de Janaina_Vieira
  • Avatar de eight_flight
  • Avatar de ravenpryde
    Just watched the mini-series Never Tear Us Apart yesterday. Definitely worth watching if you ever come across it on your TV.
  • Avatar de servitola
    Не скажу, что великие, но просто обожаю под них отплясывать дома.
  • Avatar de easterntrees
    shabooh shoobah is probably the most underrated album of the early 80s.
  • Avatar de easterntrees
    Friends who listen to INXS: *list of people in their 30s and 40s*
  • Avatar de WarriorJones
    I do!
  • Avatar de TrueMithrandir
    no one remembers this band
  • Avatar de Cat_007
    Cool band!
  • Avatar de Kazzosed
    Kick is masterpiece, Michael was a genius, still best
  • Avatar de divakaneva
    Now back to our regularly schedule program
  • Avatar de divakaneva
    @KingFahtah everyone's got an opinion just like everyone has a certain part of the body they sit upon.... rather them come where you don't like go spread some positive someplace or is that asking too much?
  • Avatar de KingFahtah
    Hutchence was a junkie degenerate. Srsly
  • Avatar de white_lemur
    I love them! Hutch <3
  • Avatar de budumov
    my top albums on a 5-point scale : INXS - 3,5; Underneath the Colours - 2,5; Shabooh Shoobah - 1,5; The Swing - 2,5; Listen Like Thieves - 3,5; Kick - 4,5; X - 4; Welcome to Wherever You Are - 5; Full Moon, Dirty Hearts - 3; Elegantly Wasted - 3.5; Switch - 3.
  • Avatar de Cheekeemunkee
    "Which is the band's finest: The Swing, or Kick?" Not a huge fan of The Swing...but I would say you could easily make a case for Welcome to Wherever You Are or Listen Like Thieves as rivals to Kick. X was off on its own tangent, but I love it equally.
  • Avatar de DjsMix74
    Need You Tonight, dear!!!
  • Avatar de HaHaHaYoureDead
    вы реально считаете эту совершенно никакую попсу "роком" и "новой волной"? дюран дюран в таком случае просто суицидал блэк.
  • Avatar de TylerSymes
    I'm shocked their wasn't more of a play boost.
  • Avatar de Xmatheus
    Hutchence was so sexy. [5]
  • Avatar de creamsicklesky
    Just Keep Walking & Don't Change <3


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