• Kustin's late 2013 album ratings

    Mar 25 2014, 0h15 por RealKustin

    When it's more common to share your own opinions of last year's albums you've listened to around the new year time, I had to do this just when April is nearly approaching? Well, better late than never, I guess, so here's another annual list I've quickly put together.

    Almah - Unfold
    Genre: Power Metal, Progressive Metal
    Rating: ***
    Standout tracks: Wings Of Revolution, Treasure Of The Gods, Farewell

    Alter Bridge - Fortress
    Genre: Alternative metal, heavy metal, hard rock
    Rating: ****
    Standout tracks: Addicted To Pain, Lover, The Uninvited, Fortress

    Amorphis - Circle
    Genre: Progressive metal with death/folk influences
    Rating: ***½
    Standout tracks: Hopeless Days, Enchanted By The Moon

    Anathema - Universal (live)
    Genre: Atmospheric rock, progressive rock, new prog
    Rating: *****
    Standout tracks: Untouchable (both parts), Universal, Flying

    Anneke van Giersbergen - Drive
    Genre: Alternative rock, hard rock
    Rating: ***