• The Best Of Polish Music - Compendium

    Abr 28 2012, 10h54 por audiovisualcity

  • Around the World in Song: Music From Norway

    Abr 18 2010, 22h08 por Zer0_II

    I plan to start a major project for my blog, where the participants will be sharing at least one album from every country in the world. The albums I share will be obscure and commercially unavailable or out of print, or from independent artists. I could really use some help with this project though, as my knowledge of music from various countries from around the world is far from infinite.

    If you are an independent artist that would like to represent your country, please contact me via PM/shoutbox, or reply to this journal entry. I would also like to receive recommendations from anyone who might happen across entry. I'm aware of many Norwegian bands, but I would really like to be recommended some albums that are truly mindblowing. If you would like to leave a recommendation, please reply to this entry.

    Below you will find a list of the artists from Norway, which I own at least one album from each, although only the obscure ones will be featured on the blog. …