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  • Avatar de ogilitiv
    good morning
  • Avatar de mahtness
    unf uNF UNF
  • Avatar de matrosisms
    radi cool
  • Avatar de MarkusVaz
    holy christ
  • Avatar de skydancer29
    just wanted to say "HOLY FUCK"
  • Avatar de Alwill
    bad, hloly funk!
  • Avatar de thedesigns
    @bodine81 there are the Fuck Buttons...
  • Avatar de cactiaregreat
    at first i was like "wtf" but then i awesome'd
  • Avatar de dfalc
    goes really well w/ the hallucinations I'm having
  • Avatar de Tangaroo1
    You cant help but like a band called "Holy Fuck" that just reeks of awesome right there...
  • Avatar de kayo33
    holy good
  • Avatar de hawkcwg
    of course
  • Avatar de baudass
    brain mash.
  • Avatar de bodine81
    Are there any other bands with f**k in their name that are this good? Oh yeah, just one!
  • Avatar de hiddensinful
  • Avatar de schizostyler
    but.... BOOM! i love it!
  • Avatar de schizostyler
    samples from mr.oizo?
  • Avatar de Sulisk
    Love it
  • Avatar de Phat_X
    @LeBlackEskimo ..and don't forget k-os!
  • Avatar de LeBlackEskimo
    Music like Nickleback, Hedly and Justin Beiber make Canada look bad. This certainly does not.
  • Avatar de MaerlynPeake
    Makes me want to fight against zombis velociraptor with a cricket bat.
  • Avatar de daverichards99
    See. I do like music made by people who are still alive...
  • Avatar de LinearQuest
    found it while asleep.
  • Avatar de cwall
    goes hard!
  • Avatar de amorteza
    BOLD mutha fuckaz
  • Avatar de LibreAmorLibre
    head boppin'
  • Avatar de gemini_twin
    mmmhmmm... I'm digging it, too.
  • Avatar de rosarama
    digging this deeply
  • Avatar de thedrez
    great song to jog to. for reals.
  • Avatar de shaneleahy
    `bring out a new album now !!!!
  • Avatar de Moosterz
    Dinobrain! uses this song for their podcast transitions. :O
  • Avatar de zaqmacdonalds
    this song reminds me of a game i used to play with friends that we called the "techno game" lol basically making repetitive sounds with our mouths.
  • Avatar de ha_ti
  • Avatar de sapien82
    this track is amazing , first heard this from james holden when i was trippin on acid at a party ! really made me feel awesome !
  • Avatar de psovod
    Já budu todle poslouchat každý ráno.
  • Avatar de sideBe
  • Avatar de creativegrrl
    no way! omg, i LOVE this band! it's like scratch...not math rock.
  • Avatar de MongrelArchitec
    ...members of other bands like Enon! hmmmmm :)
  • Avatar de sparklecrunch
    lovin this :)
  • Avatar de n0umena
    "electric wizard meets leather strip" is the worst fucking comparison i've ever heard. also who is tagging this as math rock?
  • Avatar de justiiin11
    i want to paint my face
  • Avatar de Coeninho
    Groove that beat, keep on fucking holy.
  • Avatar de tmitter
    holy fucking holy fuck!
  • Avatar de eastbaythunder
    foot tapp'n, head bob'n goodness!
  • Avatar de cwarfee
  • Avatar de cjackb
    it's like a more electronic Primus. love it
  • Avatar de TopzRen
    i came. twice
  • Avatar de jfhv
    Great sound.
  • Avatar de border-man
    wow, this is nice shit
  • Avatar de Aaronatron
    great stuff!


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