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  • thanks Pete
  • thanks Pete
  • Why the hell do people say "thanks Pete" on so many of his songs on this site?
  • !
  • straight to hell? damn right I am
  • Would love it if he went back to his country sound, after all he made most of his fans with albums like Straight To Hell and Damn Right, Rebel Proud.
  • "This guy is so good! I love how he comes from this lineage of awesome dudes, hopefully he has a son one day and his son continues the badassery." He has one son
  • @Beojiko Word, stop talking shit, it's called progress.
  • This guy is so good! I love how he comes from this lineage of awesome dudes, hopefully he has a son one day and his son continues the badassery.
  • Lol at people saying he's a disgrace because he doesn't sound exactly like his grandfather or father. Fuck him for actually pushing the country genre forward, am I right? Pretty sure his grandfather would be proud.
  • If you want PC Country then maybe you should listen to Taylor Swift.
  • Alternative Country???
  • a must watch interview with Hank 3 !
  • Just discovered this guy and like his sound but lyrics like 'faggot' make him sound like a tw@t.
  • Lot of cool bootlegs of Hank around!
  • Thank you Pete ..I have no problems sleeping .. (( * _ * ))
  • FAB
  • great albums,especially "A Fiendish Threat " !
  • S'posed to have both the new albums in the mail on Monday. Incredibly excited!
  • Gutter Town. FTW.
  • Any chance of playing in France, while you're in Belgium in September? I'm offering my backyard......
  • clockwork sound!
  • Legend
  • Oi, Hank ya cunt
  • I like Attention Deficit Domination. Nice classic doom.
  • You know I eat my words. I did not think Hank lll would be any good but I stand corrected. Hank lll Nice job cutting your own sound.
  • sarco_pl , you do realize that Long Gone Daddy was released by Curb Records and that the album is a collection of old unreleased Hank III songs? Unfortunately this does not mean that Hank is "back to his country style"... Lets hope though that the next Hank 3 album will not be as terrible as Ghost to a ghost / ghutter town...
  • Long Gone Daddy it's what I needed. Great that He's back to his country style!
  • eta porra
  • Great... Just Great.
  • Just picked up four of his discs. I'm totally digg'n the use of echo, delay and sound manipulation. The stoner references are a big plus for the community.
  • "Ghost to a Ghost/Gutter Town" is more than two hours of pure awesomness! *_*
  • l9ove you hank so much, come to toronto, do drugs, 420, kenzington park n shit
  • Come to fucking Croatia!
  • amazing<3
  • Love so muuuch ! <3
  • Hero.
  • v Dumbass.
  • Tool.
  • why is 'I Don't Know' not on the top-list?)
  • Attention Deficit Domination - sludgy, outstanding album - check this fucker out!
  • Smoke & Wine and Pills I Took are my theme songs lol
  • yeah, awesome show at the hellfest!!
  • Kicked ass for 2 hours at Hellfest! Made my day!
  • Coolest motherfucker in Country music of today!
  • see you in Karlstad Sweden 5 july :)
  • Come to Poland you bastard!!! [2]
  • My family knew both Hanks, and I'm proud to know that the tradition continues. But You need to come to Montgomery alabama, where it all started!!!!!!!!!!


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