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  • v "Haken have confirmed that their new album will be released on 04/29/2016 and will be titled Affinity"
  • new album when?
  • v They may be fucking with us...
  • The Hyped is real !!
  • New album called Verbatim and the title (The Verbatim) have 50 minutes length !!
  • Aquarius is good :)
  • Here some photos and impressions of the Berlin show:
  • For me, Aquarius is the best Haken's album. To my taste, Visions contains some boring or nonsense instrumental parts, and The Mountain is better than Visions, but not better than Aquarius. I repeat, for me. I know the most part of people thinks the opposite, but the sound and the thematic of Aquarius is the more interesting of Haken in my opinion.
  • The Mountain is a perfect album. I hope to see Haken live someday.
  • Cant wait for 4rd.
  • The Mountain is just incredible. Not a bad song on it.
  • I mean new Prog act.
  • "fucking outstanding" Felt the same way. They played their asses off for almost 2 and a half hours for a crowd of just over 100 people. It was an amazing showcase of technical skill, passion, and dedication to their music/ audience.
  • Best Prog Band from Uk
  • Finally got to see them live... fucking outstanding
  • Finally gets to see em live = :D
  • Yep @SuomiKolli665 that's exactly what I meant
  • amazing!!!
  • @TheBlakester what do you mean?
  • Not bad? Pfft.
  • Just found this band. Well not bad, very melodic. Вроде годнота
  • Visions is an interesting album.
  • Restoration > Mountain [2] The Mountain is great, tho.
  • Only Haken could get an EP into my top 20 Album list for 2014. Click the link to find out how they managed it:
  • 3:08-4:02 of Earthlings gives me a straight vibe of Jack's Lament from The Nightmare Before Christmas.. IMO
  • amazing
  • Restoration is a great Ep!!!! Please, come in Italy!!!!!
  • This band likes to kick ass and chew bubble gum and they're all out of gum.
  • Restoration is amazing, its my favorite release by them.
  • Long live the century's craziest metalprog band! I just can't get how things like Pareidolia, Celestial Elixir or Shapeshifter appear!... aaaaaaww.. my ears they are burning to celestial dust..
  • Restoration > Mountain
  • Crystallized is an awesome song!
  • s-still love it though
  • Literal fedoracore.
  • Wow, just... wow. Crystallised has got to be one of their best songs so far. It's absolutely beautiful. Haken really is at the top of the progressive metal scene.
  • I'm really digging their new EP!
  • Going all the way from Finland to Germany to see you guys next month. Can't wait!
  • Crystallised is absolutely fucking wonderful. Exactly what I wanted from re-imaginings of the old demos. The last 2 minutes are up there with the absolute best endings to any prog epic, ever.
  • Love Crystalline...they are truly the future of neo-prog!
  • My review of Haken's new EP, 'Restoration':
  • such a great band... never bored listening The Mountain and Visions !!
  • These guys need to go on a United States tour ASAP!
  • So the Leprous/Haken tour actually did happen...just briefly. If they ever come to the states together... *squee*
  • boas melodias, é a primeira vez que escuto e logo gostei
  • I've heard three songs and I'm already wondering where this band has been all my life.
  • Who needs dreamtheater douchebags when we've got the mountain and ofcourse the band. best band in the nowadays prog scene.
  • Yeah, just got into The Mountain and Haken in general. Pareidolia is sex.
  • I feel bad for people who couldn't get into The Mountain. You're missing out on one hell of an eargasm.


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