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  • Avatar de Ericaterpstra43
    New album sounds good so far. 1985 is amazing.
  • Avatar de TheOnlyMAD
    Just listened to 1985. Damn...
  • Avatar de depressivia
    Ok, I listened a few more times and it's actually a 9/10.
  • Avatar de depressivia
    Affinity is amazing, but I still think The Mountain is their masterpiece. 8/10
  • Avatar de StoatBox
    Holy shit this album is so tight. You have a broken brain if you disagree
  • Avatar de r0ryb0ryalis
    20 listens in and it's still getting better. MOST EXCELLENT!
  • Avatar de aldrignedigen
    What a crap of an album. I didnt even manage to listen to it until the end.
  • Avatar de dirtclaw
    After 4 albums and an EP, Haken is still the best. People are just crazy.
  • Avatar de JHnMan
    What a great album is Affinity
  • Avatar de r0ryb0ryalis
    Oh for sure, I'm right alongside you! Once a band gets popular enough, bitches just gonna bitch :p
  • Avatar de xtdchild
    I didnt noticed they've lost what made them special, also didnt see any regressing...and stiil dont understand why people start complaining about this kind of thing. 4 masterpieces in a row, all of them merging into the same style.
  • Avatar de r0ryb0ryalis
    Four albums in and they've rapidly grown their fanbase to the point where it's fracturing into the typical 2 categories: "They've lost what made them special and are regressing" and "THEY CAN DO NO WRONG!" I am definitely still in the latter ;)
  • Avatar de rolfeijg
    Mmmaaasteeeerpieeeeece O.O
  • Avatar de metaloly999
    all track is great 10/10 . Affinity is one off the best Prog album I've heard. Tie with DT IaW
  • Avatar de RickDuijs
    Straight up masterpiece
  • Avatar de dirtclaw
    1985, The Architect, Earthrise and The Endless Knot are my favorites but really. This album. This FUCKING ALBUM.
  • Avatar de r0ryb0ryalis
    1985 is MOST EXCELLENT!!
  • Avatar de pinkiiiFR
    The Architect ---> wow !
  • Avatar de pinkiiiFR
    Affinity is Masterpiece <3
  • Avatar de jcmatias
    affinity: just wow
  • Avatar de dirtclaw
  • Avatar de Silentw0lf
  • Avatar de tnthuman
  • Avatar de Raxzinator
    One of the few prog bands where the soft parts are just as cool as the heavy parts. Really impressive stuff.
  • Avatar de metaloly999
    Leprous mk II
  • Avatar de dirtclaw
    Haken and Leprous had a glorious baby with "Initiate".
  • Avatar de DEATH_DUDE117
    Initiate is glorious
  • Avatar de JHnMan
    I still think Aquarius is their best
  • Avatar de Philospheros
    Daaaamn good band :) I'm glad to have discovered them!
  • Avatar de metaloly999
    they troll me lol
  • Avatar de Totallylost57
    v "Haken have confirmed that their new album will be released on 04/29/2016 and will be titled Affinity"
  • Avatar de nicolasbj
    new album when?
  • Avatar de Totallylost57
    v They may be fucking with us...
  • Avatar de metaloly999
    Aquarius is good :)
  • Avatar de vals81
    Here some photos and impressions of the Berlin show:
  • Avatar de kvothe_
    For me, Aquarius is the best Haken's album. To my taste, Visions contains some boring or nonsense instrumental parts, and The Mountain is better than Visions, but not better than Aquarius. I repeat, for me. I know the most part of people thinks the opposite, but the sound and the thematic of Aquarius is the more interesting of Haken in my opinion.
  • Avatar de CallebBezerra
    The Mountain is a perfect album. I hope to see Haken live someday.
  • Avatar de Palliativee
    Cant wait for 4rd.
  • Avatar de macho2
    The Mountain is just incredible. Not a bad song on it.
  • Avatar de metaloly999
    I mean new Prog act.
  • Avatar de mk741
    "fucking outstanding" Felt the same way. They played their asses off for almost 2 and a half hours for a crowd of just over 100 people. It was an amazing showcase of technical skill, passion, and dedication to their music/ audience.
  • Avatar de metaloly999
    Best Prog Band from Uk
  • Avatar de TheBlakester
    Finally got to see them live... fucking outstanding
  • Avatar de mk741
    Finally gets to see em live = :D
  • Avatar de Gapkilla
  • Avatar de TheBlakester
    Yep @SuomiKolli665 that's exactly what I meant
  • Avatar de mattimek
  • Avatar de SuomiKolli665
    @scary_fairy: I think he's implying that "not bad" is an understatement about the band's musical ability. Just my interpretation.
  • Avatar de scary_fairy
    @TheBlakester what do you mean?
  • Avatar de TheBlakester
    Not bad? Pfft.


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