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HP Lovecraft foi uma banda de Chicago que fazia rock psicodélico com passagens de rock progressivo e folk rock. O nome da banda remete ao escritor de contos de terror homônimo, de onde baseavam suas letras.

A banda foi formada no final dos ano 60, pelo vocalista e guitarrista George Edwards e pelo tecladista, clarinetista e vocalista Dave Michaels. Após conseguirem liberação para usar o nome do escritor HP…

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  • Love both the author and the band! But if I listened to audio books I probably wouldn't scrobble them. No need for people to be dicks about it though. Enjoy life while you're here, you'll last longer.
  • is about music, not about books, so these insults on band are ridiculous.
  • Audio books are for lazy twats [x3]
  • V Nej. It's just nice to have someone reading Lovecraft to you before bedtime.
  • Audio books are for lazy twats [1]
  • For people listening to Lovecraft audiobooks who don't want it scrobbling here, just change the artist name to "H. P. Lovecraft" with a space between H. and P. That will scrobble it to the page for the author.
  • Poor Lovecraft :(
  • Jeez! I listen to the author and get scrobbles here. So Legioona, RussellChap, especially WolfMasterZero etc. must think me a lazy horrible person. So maybe listening to a book is not as intellectual as reading a book. But I dare anyone to say that listening to a book is less intelligent than listening to a band. I love listening to Lovecraft the author, the person, the original and if people have a problem with that here. Well.... I hope you signed on to Obamacare or live in Europe because your shrink bills are gonna be big. Why is listening to books worse than listening to music?? I like both. I respect those listening to the band if they respect those listening to the original Lovecraft
  • @Legioona No, the real problem is clearly that people want to talk/read about a band on a music site. How dare they?

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