• einav yarden (piano) "játékok"

    Out 31 2008, 23h16 por ap2496

    pianist einav yarden has performed "játékok" excerpts at minnesota international piano-e-competition 2006, recorded with an acoustic-midi-piano.


    i have personally rendered these midi files from the url above, by using "truepianos (vsti)",
    and placed them here (not-for-profit, provided-as-is).

    http://tinyurl.com/5bbq9v (mediafire.com)

    audio formats:
    "0x.wv" wavpack-lossless, 24bit/96khz, for foobar2000 and decent dac.
    "0x.m4a" apple-lossless, 16bit/44khz, for itunes/ipod.

    track listing:
    01. kurtág györgy "játékok: (selections by einav yarden)"
    02. kurtág györgy "játékok: perpetuum mobile (objet trouvé), in memoriam tibor szeszler, play with infinity, les adieux (in janáceks manier), chromatic exercise (ötujjas-kromatikus gyakorló), (scherzo)"
    03. kurtág györgy "játékok: pen drawing (valediction to erzsébet schaár), russian dance, evocation of petrushka (hommage à farkas ferenc iii)…
  • 4am review

    Set 29 2006, 2h54 por RedGlow

    Oh, funny, It's 4am and I'm still wide awake. Damn. Which reminds me 2 AM, oh so fine. Pity I'm 2 hours late. Anyway. Nothing incredible to advice, but there's something fine anyway.

    Very fine electronic music. One of the discover I made through last.fm, who continously proposed this band to me, and it was right. I'm quite enjoying it: right enough experimental without getting to hard to listen to without much concentration.

    Multi Kontra Culti vs. Irony
    Ok, I'm late for the Gogol Bordello hype. Ok, they're nice and funny, but when looking to cabaret I still remain more an afficionado of dresden dolls. For the rest... interesting style mashup, but I'm not getting so excited. Am I so harsh towards them because I missed their concert when they were in Bologna?

    I listened too little times to this album to give an overall impression, but I think I will get to like it quite a lot in time. It's that kind of album which the first time you hear it you ask yourself what are they moaning to…