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  • ahh memories
  • This song has such an ethereal quality to it. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful instrumentation... it'll always be one of my favorites.
  • I'm a deep sea diver losing air. and around your laps I swim, but you don't care.
  • listen to this strictly for the guitar at the end. yes please
  • amazing)
  • dnt hear radio head at all...
  • This song is like Radiohead-lite
  • The is the purrrrfect song to pet your cat! Or you could woof down some food with your pup!
  • surreal... (:
  • bizarre song, I really like it
  • perfect song
  • this song's always reminded me of a wes anderson film, or some indie flick.
  • love the end.
  • reminds me of a spoon song... can't put my ginger on which one
  • I'm a deep sea diver losing air. and around your laps I swim, but you don't care. ♥ I totally fell in love with this song when I first heard it.
  • They have elements of folk. That's just the way music is these days. There's not really a set genre anymore. It's sick. In a good way.
  • does anyone know if this song's been on a movie or something before? it sounds familiar
  • very soothing.
  • i love grizzly bear but how are they folk? Has the definition changed recently?
  • <333
  • neat track.........i won't be banning this!!
  • the very beginning reminds me of aklo
  • Love love love love
  • is this cover???
  • Surreal
  • start bit reminds me of half life 2
  • This reminds me of the band blur, but better
  • The best thing to do is go to a beach at midnight on a clear day. Gaze up at the stars and put this song on repeat!
  • and they're so cute to boot
  • whats that in the shadows
  • I love the hauntingly low key composition of this song. Droste is my second husband.
  • STELLA WAS A DIVER AND SHE'S ALWAYS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nyu bands share lyrical influences........
  • One of my favorites by them from one of my favorite albums.
  • bit reminiscent of old time radio. nice.
  • ooo yeaaa yes yes ahhha ahh
  • magical
  • yes.
  • a song to mellow this crazy time
  • So sad...
  • Fuzzy and low key, and so real its scary.. but heart achingly beautiful.
  • never used to like the production on this song.. but now i get it, and it wouldn't want it any other way. great track!
  • deep and trancendant
  • one of my favoritessss
  • im a deep sea diver kill me now
  • niceeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
  • Wish they'd play this kind of stuff on the Death Star.
  • One of the finest songs I've ever heard.
  • song makes me happy and relaxed!
  • This song is pretty aweome, and so was Veckatimest. i don't see how ppl could look at Veckatimest and think anything negative, it was an amzing album, the songs from this album are great too, why can't you just love the band and appreciate them instead of comparing every little thing
  • супер группа!


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