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  • Good inspirational song to dance to. LOL
  • I keep thinking about Alien Song
  • You not welcome anymore.
  • The VOICE!!!
  • whaoooooo. nice music for the soul.
  • After so many years, it's still hit in the disco. God, real good one.
  • DiscoBlitz, I agree. This is not the way I remember it.
  • Anthem! <3
  • Ah, when western Karaoke was young and we were too, every woman wanted to do this song. It meant so much to so many for so long. Classic. Love it.
  • This song has helped countless people through hard times...but the mix is not the best...can we get a better version, LastFM?
  • Great thing!
  • Es hermoso me guataria el tema muy eves off you
  • I have recently been diagnosed with a phobia about this record,at first I was afraid...
  • i feel like a drag queen when i sing it. damn you, friends (and whoever).
  • Classic. :)
  • Mouldy oldie but a goody ;-)
  • Una prodigiosa voz!
  • over the top
  • Tolle Stimme !!!!
  • timeless hymn to inner power! [2]
  • <3
  • epic track
  • que version!... pero me quedo con la original mucho tambor!
  • buenasa
  • remix sounds very odd.
  • hit
  • ?_?
  • love this track, but the album is a little lukewarm to me.
  • there must be a point in everyones life when this becomes everyones anthem...
  • Would I crumble, would I lay down and die?... 'O' no not I........!!!!!!
  • good song.
  • Great song from Gloria. Brings back great memories from the early 80's
  • semplicemente stupenda !!
  • top mind...
  • timeless hymn to inner power!
  • Epic.
  • <3 .
  • i still remember her songs and the concert i have attended in Oakland, CA.(1979), can't forget the slow dance..last chance.let's dance..and the last call for alcohol
  • oooooooooooohhhhh the nights dancing to this one!
  • great song !
  • mammarys of the 70's last call for qalcohol(; burp...
  • Anthem.
  • I must dance!
  • Seja Feliz
  • sou novo mas só gosto de músicas velhas, tenho 55 anos
  • silky bruv
  • It's not humanly possible to not like this song.
  • I Yi Yi will survive yeahhhhhhhhhh
  • still a great track !!!


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