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  • I love nina diaz! She is perfect for this sound.
  • They always put on a good show and they make time for fans afterwards. Love seeing them every time!
  • Lovely women making beautiful music. [2]
  • Lovely women making beautiful music.
  • xxangelchanxx must be some kind of sleuth.
  • Lol i am forced to believe they chose their name from the smith's track ''girlfriend in a coma''
  • The reccommendations are total crap. No band will ever compare to Giac.
  • Saw them for the third time on Friday at the Echo, they never fail to stun me still. Their live performances are simply amazing, and if you haven't seen them live yet I strongly urge that you do.
  • Nina and Aja of Nico Vega have similar voices, both stunning.
  • sounds good.. hopefully ill get to see them now that ive moved to their hometown
  • they were amazing!
  • nina's voice is like honey [2] i am in love with her xD
  • Exits officially my fav album of 2011
  • Free download of 'Smart'
  • They're feature in a CNN online article!
  • Увидел первое фото girls ""; чуть сам не впал в кому...
  • I think they're rated at just about the right level. They've got some growing to do...
  • like the most underrated band ever (2)
  • On Tour this Fall!
  • they rock........... Hope I get to see them.
  • loveeeeee
  • like the most underrated band ever
  • I remember Nina's best friend's cousin's uncle tried to invite my neighbour's dog's walker's second cousin, thrice removed, to his daughter's birthday. The invitation said "Do i know you from somewhere?" Sorry, man, couldn't resist!
  • I remember Nina's friend tried to invite my uncle and little cousin to her daughter's birthday. The invitation said "Do you have Bieber fever?"
  • I saw them a few times when they opened for Tegan and Sara and they were pretty awesome.
  • @yakanak you took the words right out of my mouth! I also saw them both in Chicago. And as I like to say, they "kicked cobra ass".
  • Saw them last night opening for Detroit Cobra. Saying that the Cobras had an off night is being generous. Girl in a Coma made the whole night worthwhile!
  • My favorite band, they give good hugs
  • <3 this band.
  • Saw them live twice, one of fav bands today!
  • cool band :)
  • nina's voice is like honey
  • great vocals, great songs, and she plays a tele! win!
  • cool band! great vocals....
  • Tattooed lovers, they don't like to reminisce.
  • The smiths' girls
  • El monte! (:
  • Amazing!
  • Check out Girl In A Coma's set at Amoeba Music!
  • i live in San Antonio.....
  • Houston GhoulsFest Show is on 10/30. Can't wait to see you guys kill it!!!
  • i love you nina,your my icon:D
  • Super!!!!!!! I love them:)
  • check out Girl in a Coma at amoeba music in Hollywood!
  • Great band, indeed! Love those vocals...
  • great band


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