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  • Man, it's so obvious, but fuck it works.
  • legendary
  • Whenever I'm DJing this is the Girl Talk song I get requested the most for. Beasties. Gaga. Iggy. Brilliant
  • the creep part is a masterpiece
  • y'all know the lyrics
  • i was already completely enthralled it sampled 'sour times' but then CREEP came in and i just lost it. kudos, great tune, love girl talk every time i listen to it.
  • the last minute or so is where's it's at
  • the creep part omg
  • ultimate pregame song. Big Boi rapping over Sour Times AAAAAAND ODB rapping over Creep=goosebumps. aaaaand Karen O. at the end seguing into the next song. Love it.
  • damn, the skee-lo part
  • WOOOOO!!!
  • best song on All Day
  • Skee-Lo + T'Pau with the cue from 50 Cent's song, ODB + Radiohead and Beastie Boys + Lady Gaga + Iggy!
  • I wish I was 6'9'' : D
  • Ваще фантастическая штука! Реально качает!
  • Creep e Love Game!
  • lmaooo odb / radiohead
  • WOW Big Boi over Portishead is perfection. [2]
  • Forgive me....I mean I know....completely over used, mistreated word in the dictionary and I am a grown woman for crying out loud but I can't help it. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
  • so much loooooooove for this one
  • beyond amazing
  • radiohead wow
  • Ok this is fucking tough
  • the Lust for Life part killed me
  • may be his best song ever
  • this is the best track on the new album wow. Portishead and Big Boi!!!
  • my mouth pretty much just hung wide open throughout this entire track.
  • Creep is such an incredible ender.
  • SKEE-LO!
  • Huge track !
  • Best part of the album. So many incredible pairings, Lord help me.
  • uhhhhhh this is awesome
  • Gave me goosebumps the way he isolated Yorke's howl from Creep.
  • WOW Big Boi over Portishead is perfection.
  • Portishead!!!!!!
  • love ODB with Creep
  • this song is terrible. first truly shite girl talk track since the Unstoppable album.
  • Creep!
  • lust for life ftw
  • Big Boi + Portishead is sweeeet. and lol at "I Wish".

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