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  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • George "The King" Strait!!! \\o/
  • Congratulations! ACM Milestone award winner for being named Entertainer of the Year in four decades.
  • I love to sing your tunes with my band to me you are the best Country music artist ever your music is loved by all generations young and older folks so glad you are keeping traditional Country music alive today for all of us to enjoy so thank you very much George Strait from me and all of your fans as well
  • "Marina Del Rey"...
  • Love all his music but this will always be my favorite!
  • Amarillo is were I am and always be! :-)
  • Amarillo by mourning
  • MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! I love this tune and talent! Forever, GS Rocks! Since I was 5 years old! My Mom & Dad introduced me to George. Yeah! :-)
  • George Strait is wonderful! Recording music is my life. I've always wanted to work in the music industry. This year I finally achieved this. After extensive research I finally found the #1 program for beat creation ever created. Do you want to learn more? please visit:
  • Einer meiner liebsten, super Sänger!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Come back to Kingsville, George. Gotta 8-Ball with your name on it.
  • Congratulations! CMA award winner - Entertainer of the Year! Also... the tribute to George Jones with AJ gave me chills. [2] LONG LIVE THE KING!
  • Congratulations! CMA award winner - Entertainer of the Year Also... the tribute to George Jones with AJ gave me chills.
  • "Any song sung by George Strait is country at it's best" He is the man when it comes to country. Love "When the Credits Roll" from the new album.
  • Spank! :-)
  • RUN should be one of the top tracks!
  • Still loving! This Man is such a talent! WHOOOOOO!
  • tolle Musik genau mein Ding
  • you are sooooooo are the man...xoxo
  • Happy Birthday Dear George <<<3<<
  • Happy birthday! THE KING.
  • Its very exciting.Keeps every cool
  • Still living for the light! I willl always love George! Forever! Spank!
  • George, you are # 1 on my list for great talent! You have made my life easy to live! Your words in your songs. Make it easy to see the glass half full. Keep Singing and being a great talent. I will always respect you. Love your show.
  • Everyone Clap! :-) Great tune and talent! whoooooooo! Spank!
  • What the heck! I want to share this tune with my friend in Poland and I do not see the button to share. I am a little upset! It is not right.>>>>>Keep changing and F......things up! Making it harder for everyone that loves music to connect. " I am just saying'
  • hi fnds ... Buy cheap George Strait music concert tickets at
  • I am still with George! He is great! Whoooooo! Spank!
  • I will always love 'George' !
  • My birthday is oct 26 I decided iam going to winn creek. And get. A room play slots. Eat and enjoyenjoy myself
  • George let me take you home if only for one night
  • George Strait remind me of a RED POPCICLE on a hot summer day sitting under a tall pine tree.
  • OMG! I love George! He is the most hansome man in the world! Cutie Batutie! Melting listening to him!
  • for more news go to George. web sigth thanks fan,s.
  • Hey Fan,s this is Last Year for tours for George Strait he going stop tour and he call it quit he going to stay at home after 30 year,s on Road.
  • Spank! I love this tune and talent!~Unknownrooster sucks! HAAAA! HAAAA!
  • gay
  • every song's a beautiful poem
  • Gloriousness.
  • <3
  • Please rate GEORGE STRAIT's albums and singles at below website to keep him up in the chart:
  • I always consider George Strait as the best country singer. His country heart pours unto his music. [url=]Best Country Songs[/url]
  • The very first concert I attended was a George Strait show. I grew up with this!
  • God bless Texas and God bless George Strait! [5]
  • Run <3
  • Wasn't a fan of Troubadour but I love Love's Gonna Make it Alright! <3


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