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"Supper's Ready" is the longest song by british progressive rock band Genesis, a 23-minute -long Suite. The track features clear division between its seven parts, namely: Lover's Leap, The Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man, Ikhnaton and Itsacon and their Band of Merry Men, How Dare I Be so Beautiful?, Willow's Farm, Apocalypse in 9/8 and As Sure as Eggs is Eggs.
The song was first released in the album Foxtrot, from 1972. At that time, the band was already at the line-up that would be considered the classical Peter Gabriel-era Genesis: Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Steve Hackett, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford.
Supper's Ready is also often cited as an example of Gabriel's showmanship: during the live versions of the song, he would use four different costumes througout it: a crown of thorns during Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man, the famous (and sometimes infamous) Flower costume during Willow's Farm, the exotic Magog costume (consisting of a long overcoat and a mask that reminds a red box; it's featured in the cover of Genesis' Live album) and the white costume used in As Sure as Eggs is Eggs.

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