• The Greatest Spy Soundtrack... Ever?

    Mar 27 2007, 21h19 por goldentramp

    Hmm so I was touch bored today... I've done all my work set out for today so there's no worries on that front. Not that anyone reading this WAS worried. Just. Ach. I should stop talking to myself. Anyhoo... if I was to make the greatest spy film ever - better than James Bond or any Alias episode - what music would I choose?

    If anyone has any suggestions or would like to give me a cd with what they think is appropriate music for a spy film, then please do!! Perhaps everyone should take a peek at www.freewebs.com/qglagency to see why I'm bashing on about it.

    So I guess I would put these songs on it... some of them are clearly pikied from other action type films... :D

    Angel (pikied from the West Wing, end of series 4 when the First Daughter is kidnapped)

    Starting Over and renegades of funk

    Teenage FBI

    Pick Up Lines (boys! take note of the wisdom in this song!)

    Song To The Siren

    Yutsui (no one's gonna have heard of this song - it's so awesome tho)