• Triple 6 Mafia - DJ Paul and Juicy J's early tapes

    Dez 13 2012, 15h21 por GoddamnRapist

    This is a quest of mine to locate and chronicle every early tape by DJ Paul and Juicy J. Some of them seem to be hard to find info on, some are impossible to find downloads for, and most lists I've come across are incomplete, so I'm here to try and change that. Specifically this list is for the early production work of DJ Paul and Juicy J, and will include only the underground tapes, not full length CDs, Three 6 Mafia or anything on Hypnotize Minds. All the ones not marked as missing I have if anyone is interested.

    List A-Z

    Carmike - Comin' At Yo Azz (1994)

    DJ Paul - Volumes 1-5 (supposedly never released, but if anyone has any additional info, let me know)
    DJ Paul - Volume 6 (1992)
    DJ Paul - Volume 7 (1992) (missing)
    DJ Paul - Volume 8 (1992) (track list missing)
    DJ Paul - Volume 9 (1992) (track list missing, can't find any other version than as one long track)
    DJ Paul - Volume 10 (1992)
    DJ Paul - Volume 11 (1993)
    DJ Paul - Volume 12 Part 1 (1993)