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  • How the fuck does Street Horrsing have the most plays? Can't take that album.
  • You won't see the drop coming on that track
  • If you guys are looking for a similar vibe you might like this The production is much more surgical, but the walls of noise are equally large
  • Perfect music to get high to, especially Street Horrrsing.
  • Are they anti-Buttons or are they referring to the buttons you push to engage intercourse?
  • There is quite a bit of variance if you actually use your ears.
  • Brainfreeze is good, as are a few songs on the 'Street Horrrsing' album. But a lot of this sounds too much alike. Then again, I have never been the biggest fan of the drone style of music.
  • It took me way too long to listen to Street Horrrsing. What an insane album. I love how connected all the songs are. I give it a non-sarcastic 10/10.
  • Un nouvel album de prévu ?
  • praise them, wanting more
  • any recommendations for artists similar to FB's first two records (particularly Tarot Sport)?
  • agree with this band's name. Fuck buttons
  • Кайфанул на ОФФе
  • they destroyed off festival with one bass drop [2]
  • they destroyed off festival with one bass drop
  • slow focus is ahhhhhh but then ehhhhhh
  • Off Fest
  • 'slow focus' is ahhhhhh
  • FUCK
  • bretty gud interview right here
  • come to atlanta and let me love you
  • чертовски круто
  • y u h8 on buttnz
  • sweet love to you guys
  • Brainfreeze (Alt Mix) for Bleep's 10 year anniversary : [url][/url]
  • You're overlooking Sentients...such a good track.
  • Top 3 should be Hidden Xs Lisbon Maru and, of course, Brainfreeze
  • You cant interrupt The Lisbon Maru...
  • Are you ready for that new album coming on june?
  • brainfreezed
  • Not to shabby!
  • Hyped to see them again on Thursday. Hopefully Mr. Hung will have his godly glow-in-the-dark Nikes on again.
  • Flicky Beans
  • First time listening to FB... started with Street Horrring... nice :)
  • g00dstuffed
  • Brainfreeze is fucking cool; it reminds me of the Revolting Cocks and thats a major compliment.
  • dance drone
  • Slow Focus is one of the darkest albums I've ever heard.
  • шикарный альбом
  • Tarot Sport is incredible and way way better than Slow Focus
  • Hidden XS is in at Number 13 in our Top 100 Songs of the Year!
  • Wasn't really into Slow Focus yet but the last three songs get into my soul. Epic
  • best gigs 2013
  • Hidden XS -> Best song ever! Cannot seem to get bored of it.
  • люблю
  • Number 10:
  • drugs > alcohol > street horrsing > tarot sport
  • tarot sport > slow focus > street horrsing


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