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  • z
  • Hi help my music.
  • After 10 years, Five Four Child Voice remains one of my favorite electronic tracks ever. Such a lovely song.
  • So, Radiohead put ketchup on them....
  • LOVE THEM *_*!
  • fuclking amazing
  • live date? :)
  • Ахуенна
  • i do not like this band. stop recommending
  • ?
  • Extremely underrated. And I definitely do not give them enough love.
  • Listening to "Happiness" is truely a great experience.
  • Live review of the Four Tet show in London last week:
  • wonderful wonderful
  • Putney? Famous place
  • Great band, good music, ништяк!
  • :)
  • wow cool band :) it reminds me a bit of Holy Fuck ! they have the awsome drumming going on aswell. fuck
  • This is one of the most underrated bands I know
  • Hello, If you like Fridge, check this out
  • great tunes. easy to listen to.
  • "Best Post-Rock"
  • anda chavales.... estupendamente buena musica!
  • !!
  • yEs
  • Hah, I came here to say how much I love Long Singing as well. Incredibly beautiful song.
  • Another vote for Long Singing!
  • Magnifique " long singing "
  • YES
  • fridgalicious
  • Ark is kdajasdköjasdkasdöa-awesome!
  • Mechanical Steering new album "10:10pm" !
  • <a href=""><img style="float:left; margin:0 10px 10px 0;cursor:pointer; cursor:hand;" src="" border="0" alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5239471101496297170" /></a> This morning, outside of my door, I found a paper bag. It was on the door mat. Inside an eggplant and a red pepper. My neighbour loves me and she never watched at : <a href="">myfridgeisempty</a>
  • tried adding you on myspace like 1000 times. idk whats up with that...
  • i love the word "buttpipe"
  • Hey guys Does anybody have the track Surface Noise & Electric Piano? They used to have it on their website as a free download, but since "The Sun" came out the page has altered a little and the download isn't there anymore. It was 1 of 2 bonus tracks from the Japanese version of Happiness along with Five Combs - which thankfully, popped up on a Temporary Residence comp a few years back as the Japanese import is rare as rocking horse shit - But this beautiful track remains so elusive. If anybody has it and is kind enough to share, give me a shout at I'm more than happy to share any Fridge tracks in return (even from Ceefax!!) Peace :)
  • Salty - They are on the iTunes store.
  • anyone who can send me some tracks? can't find them anywhere, not even in our local store... shame
  • benraadt: esteban is a buttpipe pwned
  • it's a damn shame they didn't make you FEEL like spelling 'dem' correctly.
  • i've said it once, so i'll say it again. Long Singing is one of the most beautiful tracks in the entirety of my world.
  • Вы нравитесь мне. !!! 0||0 !!!
  • sounds good!
  • yummy bass. check out brokeback as well.
  • this is kinda in the same vein... have a listen if you got time
  • excellent!!!!


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