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  • Having not listened to these guys in over 5 years I've been catching up these past couple days and I'm absolutely loving Heavy Hearts. Top notch metalcore.
  • After all these years, I still think Relentless is the best metalcore album ever.
  • if by "a nice return to form" you mean "devoid of all melody and memorability" then I guess yeah
  • Check out if you like FTFD and melodic hardcore
  • Back Burner лучший
  • Not surprisingly, all of SXR85G's top songs are Emmure. ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Big Fan Here
  • Cool Music
  • New album is a nice return to form, faith restored!
  • Последним альбомом задрали планку атмосферы и мелодичности в своем творчестве.
  • Dylan Richter is a gay duck. It's great that he has left the band. I ignored FTFD because they use clear vocals. But with their new singer of Legends I started to like their music.
  • I like the stuff they did with Chad and the stuff they did with Dylan pretty much equally. ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯
  • v The guy who bums ADTR is praising the albums where FTFD tried to be ADTR. Makes sense.
  • anything involving chad in this band is fucking awful. he actually did decent work in legend, but of course all the guys and gals known for jerking chad off are gonna say dylan was awful. i wouldn't expect any more of them. changes is shitwankery and heavy hearts proves to be more of the same boring metalcore.
  • *[url=]For The Fallen Dreams - Bombay (Official Music Video)[/url]
  • also... before chad even played bass for FTFD he was the vocalist of Ares Letum. haha this shit is so god damn old!
  • i used to see this band back when they were a local metro-detroit band, back when the current singer was just the bassist. here is a link to their very first EP with Andrew Juhl on vocals. i think i got it at a show they played with Ed Gein in like 2005. and here is the first EP with Chad on vocals
  • chic ,new album! [3]
  • Heavy Hearts is fantastic... definitely a return to form, and what we've been waiting for since 2008
  • Anything besides Changes and Relentless is utter shit
  • changes. CHANGES. CHANGESSS!!!!!!
  • Hell, I wouldn't have thought there would be another album by them I could actually listen to when I stumbled across the Changes album now and then and checked for the band's current work. Heavy Hearts is awesome and the few clean parts are nowhere near being as awful as they were on the albums between Changes and Heavy Hearts( _my_ opinion, I simply don't like that kind of vocals, so don't feel offended) . Welcome back Chad and thanks for leaving Dylan. The returned straight in your face vocals are very much appreciated.
  • great band, dreadful album artwork
  • Cool band
  • Chad >> Dylan
  • XDMANISH's charts are pretty ghastly, no wonder he preferred Dylan
  • bayharbour: Reawaken, Metalcore from Australia
  • tbh everything what ftfd released was fucking good no matter with or without dylan, except wasted youth (except stop pretending which don't have these whiny vocals)
  • Back Burner у них лучший
  • Heavy Hearts is much better than Wasted Youth
  • Changes is one of the best metalcore albums ever, so excited that Chad is back in this band
  • Chad Ruhlig is back! Heck yes!
  • @Truth2811 Still Dylan Cleans were mind blowing. I always adored this band with Dylan. Chad is overrated!
  • Heavy Hearts is a really great album, it exceeded my expectations. Favorite track: Bombay. The melodies and riffs are riveting.
  • Absolutely love Heavy Hearts.
  • New album is quiet good!
  • unfinished business and bombay are very good
  • chic ,new album! [2]
  • New album rocks!!!!! \m/
  • lol at chad in hundreth
  • XDMANISH, what are you talking about? Do you know history about FTFD? Do you know Chad and Dylan? You must be kidding! At first: I have to agree with you that Relentless was awesome album with Dylan, but Changes is everlasting album, Back Burner was a little bit difference with more clean vocals and Wasted Youth was not bad too, but it had a lot of clean choruses and it was not what FTFD truly are. Do you know HUNDREDTH? :D Chad was never in this band :D I must say LOL on this sentence :D Their only singer since they started is Chadwick Johnson, Chad Ruhlig has a band called LEGEND.And about your opinion that Chad kicks out Dylan and comeback to FTFD is absolutely wrong. Dylan decided to leave because he wants to start be a tattoo artist.....HEAVY HEARTS is absolutely amazing album with Chad, it has a lot of mosh moments, tough parts and of course what is best about this band melodic parts and so much emotions in lyrics.....
  • This guy (chad) never deserve to get back with FTFD. I mean come on guys, he was good in Hundredth and Dylan was also promising with this band (though Wasted Youth wasn't that fab album) but his last two album contribution was awesome. Relentless was really an Relentless album, maybe the best of that year by any band, this guy called Chad destroyed the Career of a great musician, :-( lame, i mean to say that when Chad lefted, there was Dylan who lifted the band up by making and contributing great music and after years, chad came and kicks out Dylan, doesn't sound kind. I hate Chad for that. And just wanted to say that Relentless>Changes.
  • <333
  • chic ,new album!
  • they new album is way better than anything they made before!
  • I am sincerely confused when I see the posts about the similarity between Changes and Heavy Hearts. To my mind, they don't have anything in common. Changes is supposed to be an excellent mix of speed, heaviness and melody, where practically each song is fulled with plenty of great, catchy and peculiar moments. Heavy hearts is, conversely, simply solid but with the lack of diversity. I've got a feeling, that the guys lost their skill to insert melodies after crushing breakdowns. Now it's seems that the lion's share of attention was spent on breakdowns instead of melodies, which are currently not catchy and placed like a background during choruses. Yeah, it's clear that new album is much better than the past several works, but it's still not For the fallen dreams whom I expected to hear after Chad's comeback.
  • "Amnesia", instrumental foda, a melhor do álbum, o resto é tudo mais do mesmo.
  • Oh nice, Heavy Hearts almost good as Changes, though I was hoping there wouldnt be any clean vocals, it kind of ruins the whole atmosphere on those few songs.
  • Новый альбом хорош. Особенно Amnesia доставляет.
  • cover art likes buried iv verona - notorius


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