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Flobots é uma banda americana de rock alternativo / rap de Denver, Colorado, formada por volta do ano 2000. Já lançaram quatro álbuns, contando com o independente "Onomatopoeia" de 2001. Flobots ficou famosa entrado para o mainstream com o seu álbum "Fight with Tools" de 2007, com a música "Handlebars" que se tornou muito popular na Modern Rock radio em abril de 2008.

Integrantes: Jonny 5 - Emcee, Vocals Brer Rabbit - Emcee, Vocals ANDY "ROK" Guerrero - Guitar, Vocals Mackenzie Roberts - Viola, Vocals… leia mais

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  • f yeah!
  • Mediocre political hip-hop band that no one would listen to were it not for an unusually decent single.
  • After listening to their other "singles" they definitely deserve to be a one hit wonder band.
  • Wow, I listened to Circle and the Square with a lot of focus and I have to ask...did they cross the line from experimental/crossover into avant-garde? The genres used are obvious, but the way they are fused on every single part makes them truly unlike any other band I know. Truly badass group!
  • Come to canada plox
  • Soooo glad that I heard White Flag Warrior, Survival Story sounds so much more fleshed out with guitar added. Critics only panned the album for having some subtlety, it's something very missing in the political hip hop area. It's still direct, just not beating you over the head with it all the time and seems so much more researched than most political hip hop. That, plus the little funky bits and the violin really make their second album a gem on first listen...definitely a band that's far more than Handlebars, COmbat was actually my favorite on the first album.
  • Man, Handlebars pales in comparison to anything on Survival Story.
  • I am in love with this band.
  • Rise <3
  • I wish they werent seen as just the band that made 'Handlebars'

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