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  • I used to have a bit of a bias against the Buckingham-Nicks era since I am such a huge Peter Green fan, but I've really come to love the later Fleetwood Mac. I'm currently listening to 1975 "White Album" and really enjoying it.
  • Remastered deluxe and expanded version of Tusk to be released in Dec
  • How could I live so many years without them? I used to "like" Fleetwood Mac, mostly singles. Now I'm addicted to the bones! Discovering every album at a time and falling in love with each one of them. I don't even know at this point which one I love the most.
  • There is good reason people still like them. Fantastic, timeless, and classic pop music.
  • Can't wait for the new album! Guys, faster please!))) New album and 'On With The Show' tour will be the last act of the band, Lindsey told.
  • Can't stop listing to Silver Springs tonight. The live version from The Dance. So good!
  • I'm just discovering the awesomeness that is 'Tusk'...
  • Oh wel [2] just kidding hahah
  • Oh well
  • F [❤]
  • Stevie Nicks's voice. ❤
  • I don't know why I never tried their stuff beyond Rumours before. Damn.
  • Fl [20]
  • Fle [19]
  • Flee [18]
  • Fleet [18]
  • Fleetw [17]
  • Fleetwo [16]
  • Fleetwoo [15]
  • Fleetwood [14]
  • Fleetwood M [13]
  • I like all eras of Fleetwood Mac, but my favorite is still the Peter Green era.
  • Fleetwood Ma [12]
  • Rosebud Film version of I'm So Afraid is simply flawless.
  • T U S K
  • Fleetwood Mac [11]
  • Fleetwood Mac is [9]
  • Fleetwood Mac is m [8]
  • Fleetwood Mac is ma [7]
  • Fleetwood Mac is mag [6]
  • Fleetwood Mac is magi [5]
  • Absolutely astounding live. I really hope they tour again.
  • Fleetwood Mac is magic [4]
  • Fleetwood Mac is magica [3]
  • Fleetwood Mac is magical [2]
  • my favorite band then, my favorite band now.....just awesome
  • I like good music
  • Rumours fo' life <3
  • Stevie Nicks ♥ [2]
  • my first love
  • Yesterday's concert was amazing. So happy to have seen them again! ♥♥♥♥♥
  • The Americans brought me here. "The Chain" from 3x7 is just perfect.
  • my love
  • Remember buying "Rumors" on 8Track back in 1977 somewhere out on the Ohio Turnpike at a Truck Stop on the way to a gig. Hazy memories afterwards. (:
  • Stevie Nicks ♥
  • Fleetwood Mac is magical<3
  • Pop, Blues, whatever! The important thing is to be Mac!


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