• Fischer-Z Trilogy Shows

    Ago 30 2010, 20h34 por Rissan

    Sun 29 Aug – Fischer-Z

    I was in the second class of the Senior General Secondary Education, when Fischer-Z scoored a minor hit with Marliese, not shortly after I saw a performance of John Watts during the No-Nukes festival on the Dutch TV. A broadcast that still brings back warm memories, cos it also introduced me to the music of The Stranglers, The Sound and Ideal. Since then I have been following John Watts, unfortuantly never been able to see him live. I bought his solo records, the album of The Cry and the later albums of Fischer-Z re-incarnation.

    So I was kind of surprised learning that John Watts would play two concerts in the Netherlands, one as a support of Simple Minds. Since I've seen quite some concerts of the Simple Minds over the past few years, I decided to visit the Fischer-Z concert at the Mezz in Breda.

    It turned out to be a good decision, since John Watts] and co did a great concert, with a great setlist of songs from the first three Fischer-Z albums. …
  • Very good premiere

    Jan 25 2009, 18h39 por bijtoutatis

    Sat 24 Jan – Morethanmusic show
    I saw the first complete MoreThanMusic show. This performance started with a poet Simon Welsh performing some of his poets. I'm not really a poetry-fan, but this man really had a way to keep the attention of the audience.
    After that John Watts started with a solo performance of a couple of personal private songs written for the MorethanMusic project.
    After a short break he returned with the CB's with Sam Walker on drums and Matthew Gest on keyboards. It was really amazing how complete this trio sounded. Sam's very convincing bass drum kept the songs on pace. The original sound of John Watts songs and his ever joyful lyrics were worth the trip to Heerlen. He played a couple of old Fisher Z songs (Marliese, The Worker, Wax Dolls) but most of the songs were recent work.
    The short movies displayed in between the performances were amateur attempts to video clips. I'm glad these were only used to fill up the gaps in the show.