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  • New album sounds like some sort of indy crap. [2] I can't believe how horrible it sounds since it'd been 5 years since their last release. The production is so crummy... no idea what the hell they were thinking.
  • New album sounds like some sort of indy crap.
  • Save Your Breath better be the next single x3 !
  • Save Your Breath better be the next single x2! Should've been the first choice imo
  • Save Your Breath better be the next single. The new album is extremely good. Its good to hear some heavy guitars.
  • New album is pretty good. A few good songs in there, I pretty much like Come On Oblivion, that one is insane.
  • Ricks and James are great on Wolves and Doors, but Scott's vocals aren't anything special.
  • 1nnervision: "A poor man's Nickelback. And THATS saying something." At this point I let most comments slide but that's probably the dumbest thing I've read on this site in a long time... some people on this site should be declared legally deaf. What these guys do is nothing like Nickelback
  • Wish they make more songs like Fallin'On and Paralyzer again: with awesome bass lines!
  • Suffocate <3
  • i doubt anybody cares or reads this in time but theres an ep out by james black, one of the guitarists and songwriters from f11, you can get it [url=]here[/url] and do sth good by making a vinyl release happen
  • perfect ! <3
  • 2014 album... my body is ready!
  • Everything after their self titled is complete shit.
  • New Album 2014, I am ready!
  • Also love mudvayne HAPPY
  • kane! :)
  • KANE
  • Thoughts on Life Turns Electric...solid riffs and an upbeat song format that is highly creative. It is also strong lyrically, so I approve of this new direction of theirs. Greyest of Blue Skies will always have their best balance to me, though.
  • One Thing (feat Amy Lee) ♥
  • Они шикарны.
  • The Canadian Rock League (CRL) is a competition constituted by 2 leagues, the First division and the Second Division. You can vote in your favourite CANADIAN artists/bands and put them in the top! If you love challenges and competition please join us: [url=]Canadian Rock League[/url] Every week have a new voting! Have fun
  • A poor man's Nickelback. And THATS saying something.
  • Oh and also Absent Elements <3
  • Come on people, Paralyzer is there worst song (not that it is bad) Go listen to Tip and Greyest of Blue Skys
  • Rainbow Butt Monkeys would be a much better name^^
  • ох хороши
  • Kane.
  • Slow Chemical
  • Suffocate ♥
  • The Canadian Rock League (season 2) will start in the next week. You can vote in this band here [url=]Canadian Rock League[/url] Every week have a new voting! Greetings
  • Good intentions o/
  • + For The Ocean +
  • KANE! [4]
  • nice
  • It's been a long time since I sat down and listened to these guys, years, and I guess I'd forgotten how farking good they are!
  • KANE [999999999999999999999999]
  • Tip and The Greyest of Blue Skies are the most impressive albums :D
  • KANE! [3]
  • KANE! [2]
  • KANE!
  • First Time.
  • DetoxScission: bummer man. I miss the darker F11.
  • EA Games approves
  • I saw them do a headlining tour for 'Them vs. You vs. Me" and they played one song from 'Greyest Of Blue Skies' and nothing from 'Tip', so I doubt that anything has changed.
  • Has anyone seen these guys live lately? I'm curious if they still play stuff from the first two records or not.
  • Я один видел здесь размытый танцующий trollface? О__о
  • paralyzing


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